The Latest Trends in Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets set the tone for the kitchen space and can instantly change the room's vibe. We've seen the clean look of bright white cabinets to the moody and dark feel of black cabinets. White and black cabinets offer a distinct style, add personality to any kitchen, and can go with any color palette within the kitchen. While they are still popular, in 2022, expect to see more colored cabinets adorning kitchen walls to brighten up (or even darken) the kitchen. If you are ready to add a splash of color to the kitchen, read on to learn the latest eleven trends in colored kitchen cabinets. 


11 Colored Kitchen Cabinet Trends

There are various trending colors to choose from this year that fall within three categories; light, medium, and dark. Light colors offer a simple and clean look and complement the other elements and design details within the kitchen. Medium shades are the most popular and are the go-to when light or dark shades just won't work. Dark shades are the boldest of the three categories and certainly offer a sense of luxury, drama, and complete mood. 


The Latest Trends in Colored Kitchen Cabinets


1. Dark Gray Cabinets

Dark gray adds a dark and moody to the kitchen while staying away from the ever-so-popular black. It adds a rich warmth to the space and can even be neutral within the kitchen. Gray is known for being timeless, even as the trends change throughout the year. The dark shade offers an updated feel to the past favorite of light gray. Paired with white walls and a quartz countertop, it provides a neutral and versatile feel to any kitchen. Expect to see more kitchens with dark gray kitchen cabinets show off their darker and more masculine side this year. 


2. Periwinkle Blue Cabinets

Blue offers a fresh and welcoming feel to any kitchen. A muted blue with gray undertones, like periwinkle blue, still provides a pop of color without feeling too bright and overwhelming in the kitchen. When paired with black, white, or wood to make the kitchen cabinets the primary focus while the rest of the kitchen remains neutral. Periwinkle blue draws attention to the cabinet design, offers fresh and relaxed energy to the space, and can stand as the foundation to allow other colors to act as the accents in the room. 


3. Navy Cabinets

Periwinkle isn't the only popular blue shade trending this year. Navy is another popular cabinet color in 2022 and is great if you are looking for a bolder option. The dark color offers a more cozy and intimate look for kitchens and can be paired with beige, white, or gold accents for an elegant look.


The Latest Trends in Colored Kitchen Cabinets


4. Dark Wood Cabinets

Skip the paint color altogether and let the tone of the wood speak for itself. Expect to see a resurgence of wooden cabinets this year. Wooden cabinets are naturally more traditional in design; the different kinds of wood allow wooden cabinets to fit into any style of kitchen. Dark walnut cabinets offer the same moody feel as darker color shades while adding a unique texture to the space. Paired with white walls and gold finishes helps to create a modern and bright kitchen area. 


5. Yellow Cabinets

The trend of going bold is here to stay with sunshine yellow cabinets. This shade completely brightens up the space, is entirely unexpected, and gives off a chic feel within the kitchen. If sunshine yellow is too bold for your taste, opt for a lighter shade to offer a less overpowering pop of color within the kitchen. Keep the vibe happy and bright with a fun patterned backsplash, or lighten up the kitchen space with white walls and appliances for a cheerful yet less vibrant look. 


6. Teal Cabinets

2022 is full of bright colors, but teal is certainly unexpected. Teal cabinets offer a bright and refreshing pop of color to any kitchen and creates a focal point like no other. The color energizes the kitchen space, making it perfect for anyone to showcase their culinary skills. Teal cabinets can act as the star of the show and do not call for any bright colors on your walls, making gray, cream, or white a go-to option. 


7. Mint Green Cabinets 

Different shades of green offer a classic, sophisticated, and understated look within the kitchen space, and we can expect to see a few different shades of green making it into kitchens this year. Light minty shades will add life to the space for a calm and relaxing feel that doesn't overpower the room. Mint green offers just enough color while barely there and is a soothing hue, making it an easy addition to the kitchen that won't overpower the space.


8. Earthy Green Cabinets

Earthy hues have only increased in popularity over the years, so it is no surprise that muddy (and earthy) greens have made their way onto cabinets this year. The kitchen can feel chaotic at times; earthy colors are great for bringing a sense of restfulness and harmony within the space. These earthy shades pair well with other neutral shades and offer a twist to a typical white cabinet. 


9. Hunter Green Cabinets

Shades of green on cabinets aren't just for light and neutral kitchens; a darker shade of green can offer the same earthy feel while making a bold appearance. Expect to see dark hunter green make a splash in moody kitchens, adding a rich but smooth feel to the overall vibe. They pair well with light and dark walls, making it a go-to option for any kitchen looking to make a statement with their cabinets.


10. Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets debuted a few years ago and are still trending in 2022. They add a modern and moody feel to any kitchen and can easily be paired with dark or light walls. For a minimal look, pair black cabinets with white walls or with dark walls and dark appliances to create the ultimate moody feel. 


The Latest Trends in Colored Kitchen Cabinets


11. Two-toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets are taking the design world by storm and can offer the best of both worlds. With upper cabinets staying lighter in shades and the base cabinets in a dark shade, the two-toned look creates contrast and interest within the kitchen. Darker colors on the upper cabinets can create the feeling that the ceiling is lower than it really is. To keep the kitchen space feeling large and open, opt for the lighter color on the upper cabinet. 


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