Marvelous Marble

Marvelous Marble Kitchen Renovations

Marble is a classic material that is one of the most timeless and luxurious materials you can add to any kitchen. It is versatile enough to fit any kitchen style and color palette. Marble will age gracefully as the years go by, making it a no-brainer to have a marble kitchen renovation when considering a kitchen makeover. 


Why Choose Marble? 

Each slab of marble differs from the rest, making it unique and stylish to add to any kitchen. The slabs are formed within the earth for thousands of years, resulting in each marble slab being completely unique in design.

There are a variety of marble colors. White Thassos marble gives you a snowy feel, with bright whites to lighten up the kitchen area. In comparison, dark marble slabs will bring a moodiness like no other.

Marble slabs are easier to cut than other materials, giving them endless design capabilities without damaging the slab. While the marble material is soft enough to cut, it is still hard enough to withstand kitchen use's daily wear and tear and high traffic. 

Marble is known for its ability to resist heat, which is why you often see it in kitchens and bathrooms. Marble is often the perfect material for countertops and kitchen islands due to the amount of cooking, prepping, and hot food handling in this area. 


Marvelous Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to any marble kitchen renovation, there are a variety of ways that you can incorporate marble into the space. Marble can instantly take a kitchen from feeling dull and drab to luxurious and elegant. Whether you want a subtle pop of marble or an entire kitchen full of marble, there are plenty of options. Read on to see our favorite ways to incorporate marble into a marble kitchen renovation. 

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Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Countertops

Cooking, preparing, and even eating meals occur on the countertop. Why not make it beautiful and luxurious too? Marble is known for its livability, but its striking design often becomes the kitchen centerpiece when used on countertops, islands, or sinks. 

Marble countertops work well in many different design aesthetics. Keeping the rest of the kitchen neutral in color will allow the color and design in the marble to act as the star of the show with its eye-catching detailing.  

Every slab of marble is one of a kind, perfect for those who love unique accents in their space. No two marble slabs are exactly alike, which is part of the fun when choosing a marble slab for countertops. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Backsplashes 

Kitchen backsplashes can add a dramatic accent to the oven area in any kitchen. For a more industrial-style kitchen, opt for marble subway tiles as the backsplash. For a more modern look, skip the tiles for a full marble slab instead. Either way, the unique patterns of the marble will add contrast and design to any kitchen area. 

Marble backsplashes can contrast the kitchen cabinets or even complement an all-white kitchen. Marble backsplashes pair perfectly with gray finishings or even stainless steel appliances. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Waterfall Countertops 

For a dramatic effect, marble waterfall countertops will make an immediate impact. It's a luxury jaw-dropper that drapes all way down the sides of the countertop to the floor, giving it a waterfall effect. Marble takes a waterfall countertop to the next level. Paired with a light color palette in the kitchen, the countertop will stand out as the main attraction in the space. 

Marble waterfall countertops are often used for kitchen islands and can be paired with another material for a two-tone effect. Marble is known for its ability to complement other materials, like wood. The wood embraces texture and warmth, while the marble embraces luxury, drama, and details. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Kitchen Islands 

Marble kitchen islands can bring a timeless style to the kitchen. This multifunctional space can be used for cooking, prepping, and entertaining. Not to mention, they look completely stunning with a total marble makeover. 

Using large amounts of marble on the kitchen island will undoubtedly impact the style and feel of your kitchen. The marble countertop on the island can either complement the rest of your room as the main design feature and focal point or seamlessly match the other marble accents in the kitchen, like the sink or backsplash. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Flooring

Kitchen flooring is often the first thing that many see when they step foot into the kitchen space. Marble flooring brings a sense of sophistication and elegance while embracing the all-natural element. Polishing marble brings out the unique colors and detailing within the marble. For a moodier feel, dark marble will still bring that unique detailing marble is known for with a dark and moody color palette. 

One feature of marble flooring that gives it a tremendous advantage is its ability to incorporate inlays into the design. While each tile feels like a custom piece, the addition of the marble inlay makes it a real work of art. Marble inlays are reminiscent of architecture and historical art, so it is no surprise it brings that same element into the home. It is bound to get a sense of luxury and history into the space while offering a durable option for flooring. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Kitchen Sinks 

Marble sinks are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Marble sinks are available in various styles, making it easy to choose a sink style that seamlessly fits into the existing kitchen style. 

Choosing marble offers a unique visual that is both luxurious and eye-catching. An apron front sink is known for its farmhouse look and is jaw-dropping when swapping white porcelain for white marble. For the ultimate marble kitchen renovation, consider marble on marble with a marble sink seamlessly matching a marble countertop. It gives the kitchen a smooth and harmonious finish. 

Pair the marble sink with brass fixtures to give it that luxe, farmhouse look, or choose stainless steel for a more classic fixture look. If the marble has distinct veining, consider adding that color from the marble sink into the hardware. Marble with black veining can complement black matte faucets and even cabinet hardware. It creates a seamless design throughout the entire space. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Kitchen Accessories 

Last but certainly not least is marble accessories. After your marvelous marble kitchen renovation, incorporating a few marble decor items will help the marble throughout the room stand out even more. From marble cutting boards to marble wall shelving, it is easy to add elegant yet functional decor to the kitchen, making the detailing of each marble slab stand out throughout the space.  


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