Minimal Cabinet Door Styles for a Dallas Kitchen Remodel

Minimal Cabinet Door Styles for a Dallas Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen cabinets are not only functional but can also impact the kitchen's overall design and feel. Cabinet door styles can set the scene of the kitchen area, so it's essential to keep that in mind when choosing the right cabinet doors. There are various options to choose from, making it easy to create a minimalist look that will fit every design style. Remember, when it comes to minimalism, less is more. If you are considering a Dallas kitchen remodel, read on to find the right cabinet door that will fit your minimalist style. 


Minimalist Cabinet Door Styles

Cabinets and cabinet arrangements can help create the overall look and vibe in your kitchen. When it comes to minimalist kitchens, cabinets are a crucial element in how every kitchen is utilized. The cabinets themselves will help keep the kitchen items concealed and give every item a place, ultimately creating a polished and tidy look.


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Frameless

Before deciding on cabinet door styles, it's crucial to consider frameless vs. frame cabinets. Frameless cabinets have full overlay doors that attach directly to the cabinet box. Frameless cabinets give the kitchen cabinets a more modern look and offer more space on the inside. 

Frameless is the perfect option for a minimalist style because it allows more items to be stored inside the cabinet. This means that fewer items will be placed on the countertops, making it easier to keep the kitchen clear of clutter. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Slab Cabinet Doors 

When most think of a typical minimalist kitchen, slab cabinet doors are what come to mind. They are known for their sleek and modern aesthetic. Some would say they are a staple style in the minimalist world. 

Slab cabinet doors, sometimes called European style, are contemporary, elegant, and the ultimate minimalist cabinet door. The slab cabinet door is made of one single, smooth piece of wood and does not have a frame on the face of the cabinet. They can be one of the least visually interesting options, blending seamlessly into the background of the kitchen. On the other hand, slab cabinet doors can help to create a more open and airy feel, making the cabinets feel sleek and less clunky. 

This simplistic design is surprisingly sophisticated for being so simple. It is clean looking and pairs well with simple, unadorned hardware. Since the slab cabinet door is one surface, it is fairly easy to keep clean, which is always a plus in the kitchen. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinet doors, also known as five piece, are the most popular option when it comes to kitchen cabinets. They offer clean, classic lines and have a frame around the flat panel. This style works well in a variety of kitchen designs. Shaker cabinet doors can sometimes be overlooked in a minimalist kitchen, even while being so versatile. You can adjust the size of the frame, which can result in a drastic change in the feel of the cabinet door. A larger, thicker frame will give you a more traditional addition to your kitchen, while a thinner frame will give you a modern and minimalist look. The customization of the frame makes the shaker cabinet door one of the most versatile cabinet door options.


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Slim Shaker Cabinet Doors 

The slim shaker door, known as the skinny shaker or narrow shaker, is the ultimate choice for a clean and sophisticated look. Slim shaker doors are more detailed than flat slab cabinet doors but offer a more minimalist style when compared to the classic shaker-style cabinet door. It is much more unique, stylish, and of course, sleek. 

The detailing of the door offers enough interest while still keeping it modern, fresh, and simple. The slim style can fit in with most kitchen styles beyond minimalist, making it a versatile option for those who change styles often. Slim shaker cabinet doors are here to stay, and you can expect them to be in style for years to come. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Tongue and Groove Cabinet Door

Tongue and groove cabinets are having their moment in the spotlight and for a good reason. When it comes to a minimalist look, this cabinet door style can help create the perfect aesthetic within the kitchen. It adds texture and interest to your cooking oasis but does not overpower the space with clutter or too much detail. Keeping the color of the cabinets similar to the kitchen walls will help keep the space feeling open and allow the textured cabinet doors to blend in seamlessly. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Glass Front Cabinets

Using cabinet doors to showcase everyday items as decor is the ultimate way to combine style and function. This is a simple and minimalist way to add character to your cabinets. The cabinet doors help keep the kitchen feel spacious and tidy, all while showing off functional and stylish everyday items. 

Glass cabinets allow for fewer trinkets and decor items because you are opting for functional decor, like glassware or tableware. It is certainly a creative take on the classic minimalist look. They do require a bit more work to keep clean, seeing that the glass can take on fingerprints or smudging easily. 

dallas kitchen remodel

Blue wine bar

Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Cabinet Color 

While most minimalist kitchens have white cabinets, you can warm up the space instantly by choosing a colored cabinet or a wood-stained finish. It still keeps the overall vibe minimalistic but also offers some color in the space. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Open Shelving 

Complement the cabinet doors with an open shelving display. It embraces and reinforces the minimalist feel and creates an open and airy vibe. Displaying the most used items, like dishware, helps create decor out of functional items while still keeping the look sleek.

Consider limiting the number of items displayed on the shelf while neatly tucking away extra items inside the cabinets. Choose shelving that matches the cabinets to seamlessly blend in with the cabinet arrangement. Let the cabinet doors showcase themselves. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Conceal Appliances 

Consider using false cabinet doors to hide any built-in appliances. It allows the kitchen cabinets to set the overall vibe of the kitchen and create more organization space to make countertops tidy and clutter-free.

False cabinet doors help to conceal the appliances, making it look like it is part of the cabinet arrangement. The seamless look of another cabinet creates a sleek and modern look and will certainly impress your guests. 

Consider doing this with smaller appliances too. Your appliances are necessary and functional, but keeping them out in the open countertops will go against the minimalist style. Take advantage of the cabinetry and choose a cabinet for smaller appliances, like a microwave, to be kept in. This will keep your kitchen visually appealing with absolutely no clutter.


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - The Right Hardware

Hardware can make an impact on your cabinet door style. To keep it within the minimalist look, consider skipping hardware together. Push latches keep the face of the cabinet free of hardware while springing open the cabinet door just by pressing on the cabinet door. 

If you decide to opt for hardware, consider a bar pull. It's modern, and sleek and helps streamline the minimalist look. 

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