2023 Kitchen Color Inspiration for Cabinetry

2023 Kitchen Color Inspiration for Cabinetry

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home and is often referred to as the most essential room in any house. Not only does the space need to be functional for cooking, but it also needs to feel inviting and beautiful. 

Cabinets are not only a place to store everything in the kitchen but can be used as the main design aspect of the space. They can offer a pop of color or texture apart from the decor or furniture items within the kitchen. From barely there wood to bold pops of color, keep reading to learn more about 2023 kitchen color inspiration for trendy cabinets.


2023 Kitchen Color Inspirations for Cabinets


Barely There Wood 

Wood cabinets had their moment in the spotlight but were pushed to the side for clean and sleek white cabinets. In 2023, expect barely there wood cabinets to fall back into the spotlight. Stained wood cabinets are timeless and classic, showcasing the natural essence of the wood. More and more kitchens are starting to embrace the natural aspect of wood and let the grain detailing be the star of the space. 

Light white oak blends in seamlessly for a barely-there look in the kitchen. It’s highly versatile with any style, and the grain of the wood offers enough interest and contrast within the cabinets. Depending on the color of the kitchen, different color stains will have a barely there feel. A dark stain will blend into a moody space, while a lighter stain will seamlessly blend into a white kitchen. 

With the proper care, wooden cabinets are durable and will last for years to come. Wooden cabinets are known for being forgiving, even with heavy daily use, making barely there cabinets functional and stylish. 



Neutral-colored cabinets are coming back in 2023 to take center stage. It gives off a warm, welcoming vibe while keeping the overall color scheme in the kitchen natural. The backsplash, countertops, and kitchen decor can act as the main accent in the space while the neutral cabinets blend into the background. 

Pale gray is getting increasingly popular due to its timeless appeal and neutral tone. It matches well with most backsplashes and countertops and blends in nicely with any design style. For a more modern look, pale gray can be paired with black hardware or brass hardware for a more transitional look. 

Beige is the color that comes to mind when the topic of neutral-colored cabinets comes up. Beige is a classic color that offers warmth to any space and a degree of softness. It provides a small touch of color without overpowering the room. Beige pairs well with light-colored wood and blends well with many different popular countertop options. 

Blush beige is a different take on the classic beige color that we all know and love. It offers a touch of femininity to the kitchen cabinets while staying neutral. It has a cozy feel and can pair well with other neutral or earthy shades. 

Off-white offers a warmer take on the modern, stark white look. It is timeless and will truly never go out of style. This neutral hue will help brighten the kitchen without offering too much color on the cabinets, keeping that natural and barely there feel. Light shades help the kitchen feel more open and spacious, ultimately making the kitchen feel more inviting. 


Moody + Masculine

Black is the ultimate moody color. It can stand out and make the cabinets the focal point in the kitchen. For less of a bold look, mix black cabinets with more wooden tones. These two colors are often paired together due to their ability to mesh with ease. The light and dark tones act as a balancing point within the space. 

Navy is an excellent alternative to black. It still gives that dark, moody feel while offering a subtle pop of color to the cabinets. Navy can work with a range of styles, and you can expect navy cabinets to blend in seamlessly with various kitchen aesthetics. 

When showcasing wood texture and grain, dark stains can combine the moody feeling without covering the beauty of the wood itself. A dark stain adds a luxurious feel to the room, and the richness of the stain adds a touch of edginess to the kitchen, which is what every moody kitchen wants. Stains are known for bringing out the depth of the wood itself and letting the grain almost act as a decor piece. 

For a bit of color drama, opt for the color espresso. It is a dreamy color for cabinets and can go from sleek and modern to bold and statement-making, making it the ultimate option for versatility. Expect to see this color being a hit in 2023 kitchen color inspirations. 


Shades of Green 

We can expect to see different shades of green on cabinets this year. Olive green is a more neutral take on the color green and embraces the earthy side of the color palette. It offers warmth and pairs well with various colors, such as white and black, which are both commonly found in kitchens. Olive green reminisces lush spring tones and brings a touch of the outdoors into the kitchen.

Mix different greens with a moody feel by opting for a dark shade, like forest green. It combines earthy and moody to create a unique yet lush feel. Dark shades of green will undoubtedly make a statement. 

From dark sage greens to blue-green shades, there are a variety of green hues to fit any cabinet aesthetic. Pair green cabinets with gold hardware for a luxurious but classic feel or with black hardware to keep it moody and modern. 


Bold Colors

When it comes to 2023 kitchen color inspiration, expect to see a variety of bold colors. Striking bold color cabinets make a statement and will catch the eye of every guest. One color that is bound to be the star of the show is spicy red. Spicy red can be paired with light countertops and wooden furniture for a fiery look. Mauve is an excellent alternative to spicy red; it is a softer tone that is still colorful enough to catch the eye. 

Shades of blue, from vibrant cobalt to sky blue, are entering kitchen cabinet color palettes this year. Blue is often known for its relaxing tones and is perfect if you are searching for the ultimate light and airy kitchen oasis. Blue tones often complement white or light wooden tones and blend nicely with kitchen appliances. Pair blue cabinets with other pops of colors like yellows and oranges for the ultimate statement-making kitchen space. Opt for a few blue cabinets mixed in as an accent if you want less of a statement.

Expect to see bold colors used with tri-tone cabinets. Tri-tone cabinets are three distinct color cabinets to make a unique design in the kitchen. Mix the colored cabinets with wood-stained cabinets in the same hue, or mix three different colors to show off your space.


Before choosing the right color for your cabinets, read our blog post about kitchen cabinet doors or contact us for more information. 

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