Mixing Metals in Your Kitchen Design

Kitchens are full of metal finishes, from appliances to cabinet hardware, and can be a hard decision for designers and homeowners due to the many possibilities to choose from. It is a common belief that you have to stick to one metal finish within the kitchen, making it that much harder to decide on the right finish. Mixing metals in your kitchen creates a customized feel and can change the look and feel of the space. Keep reading to learn how to integrate metals within your kitchen design.


Identify the Metals

First, it’s essential to identify the different metals within the kitchen. Cabinet hardware, kitchen appliances, and plumbing fixtures are almost always made of metal. Some decorative pieces may be metal too, like range hoods, light fixtures, furniture, and of course, decorative accents. Look to see where you will need to install metal fixtures and make notes.


Variety of Metal Options

There are a variety of metal options and the different metals are available in a variety of finishes. Nickel, copper, gold, aluminum, iron, brass, bronze, steel, and wrought iron are the most popular options when choosing metals for the kitchen. Each of these options can come with different finishes, such as polished, matte, antiqued, or even hammered. Eachoption gives the kitchen design a different look and feel. 

Tip! Metals come in a variety of colors, but it’s important to remember that the physical and chemical properties in the metal could be of importance when choosing your metals within your kitchen. 


Why Mix Metals? 

Mixing metals is a popular kitchen trend that we are absolutely loving. It adds depth, interest, and a timeless look to your kitchen design while adding a customized and personal feel. It’s unique and adds character to your home kitchen without ever having to add decor. Mixing different metals within your kitchen will help your space feel more current regarding trends. You’re not relying on one trend that will come and go and can livin on as a fad ends; opt for metals that work for your home’s overall look and feel. 



How to Mix and Match Metals



Choose a Primary Metal

When it comes to mixing metals, it’s important to see that there is a primary metal in the space when you walk in. Decide on one metal as the focal point and use the other metals as accents within the kitchen. When choosing your primary metal, look around the room to see what’s already installed, what you’ll be keeping, and what you want to replace. Decide on one main metal and use it as a focal point, incorporate other finishes as accents within the kitchen. 

The primary metal in your kitchen should make up roughly 60% to 75% of the metals in your kitchen. When a space is split half and half with finishes, it can start to feel a bit chaotic and unplanned. Choose one or two metals as accents. When it comes to choosing which metal, it’s important to pay attention to the undertone of the primarymetal. Some metals have warm undertones, like brass, copper, gold, and nickel, making them the best options for kitchens with a primarily warm color palette. For metals with a cool look, opt for stainless steel and chrome. They give off a cool-toned look and are the best options for kitchens with a cool color vibe. You can certainly mix warm and cool metals, but there is a chance that they could clash if you go overboard. 

Matte black metals work well in most modern kitchens and can act as a neutral in the space. Stainless steel is another popular option and is commonly used for appliances and sinks. They are so common today that they almost act as a neutral and work well with other metals. 


Vary the Finishes

Try varying the finish of the metal along with the type of metal. There are various options to choose from, like antiqued, matte, satin, brushed, and polished. There are a variety of finishes that make mixing metals work well together. For a contrasting look, consider opting for a soft metal with shiny metal. It adds depth and contrast to the metal pairing. Two polished metals can result in a glamorous look, making it the perfect go-to option if that is the look you desire. If glam Is not your intent, consider matte or satin metals to offset the shine. Softer metals with a muted or matte finish don’t offer a lot of shine, making them easier to mix. 


Create Symmetry

Distribute the metals evenly throughout the kitchen. Maintaining symmetry within the space is essential to the overall design; a good rule of thumb is to use the metals atleast twice within the space so nothing feels under or over used. If you’ve chosen your cabinet hardware to act as your accent pieces, consider adding a mirror in the same finish. Think of adding a piece of furniture or light fixture with mixed metal and incorporating both of your finishes to create a cohesive look. 

Go with your gut and taste. Choose a metal that reflects your style and personality. Mixing metals is a great way to add interest and depth to your kitchen. Like fabrics, making and matching metal finishes are a unique way to show off your personality and personalize the kitchen space to your style. 


A Rule of Thumb

A great rule of thumb to go by is to mix the different metal elements within your kitchen, for example, your hardware, lighting fixtures, appliances, and even plumbing fixtures. Those items can vary in metal finishes. Match within your metal elements. This means the same finish for all of your cabinet hardware, all of your appliances, and all of your lighting fixtures. 

If, for any reason, you are unsure about mixing metals in your kitchen design, try experimenting with smaller decor pieces that can be switched out easily. Choose metallic picture frames, wall art, mirrors, and small decor that can be removed or moved around the kitchen. Stick with two metals in the kitchen to start and experiment with a third metal through your decor. Once you decide you love the look, you are ready to move to more permanent metal fixtures. 


Ready to start mixing metals in your kitchen?  Contact us today to get started! 

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