Luxury Kitchens Trends in 2022

Kitchens were used more than ever in 2021. From daily workspaces to creating every meal, kitchens become the hub of the home. For 2022, we expect kitchens to become more welcoming and luxurious with subtle design details and less focused on function. We’ve put together a list of luxury kitchen trends to look out for this year. Whether you opt for one or all, your kitchen will feel more luxurious in no time. 


Luxury Kitchen Trends


Rounded Edges 

Kitchens are often full of hard surfaces, like counters and tabletops. The squared-off edges give off a clean, contemporary look. Expect to see those hard surfaces soften up this year and be replaced with rounded edges. Rounded edges can instantly change your kitchen's look and give off a more modern chic feel. The curves help soften the space and add a calming feeling within the room, letting you focus entirely on your recipe or task at hand.



Texture tends to stay out of the kitchen but in 2022, expect the texture trend to come into the kitchen. Texture is the perfect way to incorporate depth and design without adding extra decor. It will help you create a bold look within any room, specifically the kitchen, where texture usually isn't. From brushed metals to leathered finishes, using different materials within your kitchen gives it a unique and sophisticated look. Mix and match different textures, like marble with wood grains or stone finishes, to give off a luxurious feel and your character and style. 




Marble Slab Backsplashes

Marble is a luxurious kitchen staple and adds an instant focal point to the space. Opt for marble slabs to replace your backsplash tiles. The large slab is unexpected and certainly packs a punch when making a statement. The design of the marble itself adds a luxurious feel to the kitchen, while the marble design reflects the light and adds a soft color palette to the space. 

Marble has always given off a luxurious feel; take it to the next level by dressing up your cabinet fronts. The sleek and neutral pattern will give off a modern feel to your cabinets. Pair with gold and emerald green accents to find off the look. 


Black Accents

Skip stainless steel appliances this year and opt for black appliances for an upscale, luxurious feel. It gives off a sleek, more modern look. Add black accents throughout the room, like matte black faucets, to enhance the pops of black throughout the space. Copper hardware has been popular for years, but we are starting to see them being swapped out for black cabinet handles and hardware for a more sophisticated look throughout the kitchen. 





Patterns in the kitchen have been trending for years as more and more wallpapers and paper have gained traction. In 2022, we expect to see fewer patterns on the wall and more on the floor. Focus on the tiles themselves and add more style and design to give your kitchen an overall luxurious feel. 


Double Islands

When it comes to 2022 design trends, this trend offers both form and function to your kitchen space. With two kitchen islands, you can have plenty of counter space for working, food prepping, or even hanging out. Add cozy and stylish seating to the islands, like matte black barstools, for guests to sit and relax. 


No Hardware

There will be a move to skip the cabinet hardware altogether this upcoming season, leaving a sleek and modern look behind on your cabinets. It gives off a more organic aesthetic, letting the cabinet itself be showcased throughout the room without metal interfering. If there is hardware, expect to see it accented with black. 



Stone is eye-catching and will certainly draw the eye in any room, exactly why you can expect to start seeing it layered throughout kitchens, in big and small ways. Replace subtle surfaces with stone for a dramatic look, like your countertop or sink, to draw the eye. From countertop backsplash to cabinet pulls, even kitchen islander bases, stone creates more visual interest while offering a neutral color palette.




Bold Cabinetry

We expect to see more kitchens move away from the classic all-white kitchen cabinets. Expect to see more and more kitchens full of bold colors, specifically on their cabinets. Earthy greens, while neutral, certainly draw the eye in the kitchen. It gives off a moody yet luxurious look and easily incorporates color into your kitchen design without overpowering the space. 


Sleek, Minimal Lighting 

In 2022, we expect to see modern and sleek kitchen lighting trends. While merging with a minimal look, it creates a clean-lined look and impacts the kitchen's overall design. If you have floating shelves for storage, consider adding under-cabinet lighting. While simple, the addition of light adds a subtle touch of unexpected luxury.


Cabinetry Design

While we expect to see bold-colored cabinets, we believe cabinets are going to be the main focal point this year. The cabinet design will be showcased, with various woods and unexpected materials, like stone, concrete, and even metal. 


Metallic Accents

A luxury kitchen trend for 2022 that will undoubtedly draw the eye is metallic backsplashes. Paired with dark cabinets, it gives off a touch of shimmer and reflects light throughout the room, creating a perfect touch of luxury. 

If metallic backsplashes are too overpowering in your kitchen space, consider adding shiny metallic accessories throughout your kitchen for a bit of bling. From crystal chandeliers to copper kitchen accessories, it adds a metallic touch that is more sophisticated than showy. 


Retractable Doors

Create an indoor-outdoor feel with fully retractable doors. It creates an open feeling in your kitchen and offers the ultimate luxury of going outdoors with your freshly cooked meal to enjoy with friends or enjoying the warm breeze on summer days.


Sculptural Pendant Lights

Make your lighting feel luxurious by opting for sculptural pendant lights. They add a cool factor to your kitchen, not to mention drawing the eye to an unexpected luxurious look, all while adding lighting to your kitchen. Opt for white sculptural lights to add to a white-on-white kitchen for a monochromatic look.  


Faucet Design

The design of the faucet you choose for your sink can instantly add character to your kitchen. From vintage to rectangular, there is a variety of faucet designs to choose from. In 2022, expect to see L-shaped faucets make their debut. Their slim fixtures are practical and, of course, beautiful to look at. They offer a sleek and luxurious addition to your kitchen sink. 


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