Master Bath Must Haves

Southlake Bathroom Renovations: Master Bath Must Haves

The master bathroom is the space in your home that is used daily and should be the place you can go to relax and unwind from your day. It acts as an in-home oasis. 

Renovating your master bath allows you to bring new improvements that suit your current needs. These can range from improving the room's functionality, style, storage, and even comfort. Adding luxury to your bathroom will help elevate your morning routine and make you feel like you're in a spa or a resort daily. If you are looking for Southlake bathroom renovation, read on to learn more about these 15 master bath must-haves. 


15 Master Bath Must Haves

1. A Double Vanity

A double vanity is top of the list of renovation must-haves. It offers a sense of luxury, making it feel like your favorite hotel bathroom is now in your master bedroom. Separate sinks and cabinets can give both partners their own space, keeping countertops less cluttered and tidy. A double vanity allows any couple to use the sink area simultaneously without bumping into each other, creating a more enjoyable overall experience. 


2. Vanity Drawer Outlets 

Adding vanity drawer outlets is the perfect functional addition to the newly installed double vanity. This simple feature helps keep extra clutter off the countertops while adding more space to plug in appliances. Drawer outlets are perfect for smaller devices, like hair dryers. 


3. Single Handle Faucet

Single handle faucets are easy to turn on and adjust without too much twisting and multiple faucet knobs. For an even more luxurious experience, consider a touchless faucet. It makes the sink feel even more upscale and elegant. Some faucets have electronic soap dispensers, making it feel like an addition you would only typically find in most hotels. 


4. Countertops 

Countertops are a common must-have when it comes to bathroom renovations. Upgrading the countertops to a luxury material instantly changes the feel of the space. Some popular countertop materials are granite, marble, and even concrete. They are desirable and lack grout lines, making cleaning the countertops much easier. 

Step outside of the box with the countertop material by opting for stone countertops. Stone is easy to take care of and stunning in any bathroom setting. Skip traditional marble and swap out for dark, moody marble. The black shades bring a sense of drama to the bathroom, and the marble details are a beautiful addition. 


5. Heated Flooring 

Never walk across a cold tile floor again. Heated floors are great for the winter season and offer everyday luxury to improve anyone's bathroom experience. As you walk across the floor, you can feel the warmth from the tiles to help you warm up after a long bath. Heated flooring uses less energy than traditional forced air heating; the tiles will be able to retain the heat for a small period of time. Heated flooring can even add value to your home. 


6. Freestanding Tub 

Taking a long soak in a freestanding tub is the ultimate definition of relaxation. A freestanding tub is solely dedicated to kicking back and relaxing. It also adds a beautiful focal point to the bathroom. The sculptural look of the tub adds elegance and luxury that just doesn't come with a shower, no matter the design style in the space. Freestanding tubs help to open up the bathroom and add an airy feeling to the room. 


7. Steam Showers 

Sauna or steam showers are a jaw-dropping addition to any bathroom. It gives you the feeling of a day spa right in the comfort of your own home. Most saunas or steam showers are built for two, allowing you and your partner to relax in your in-home spa without taking up too much space in the bathroom. 


8. Recessed Medicine Cabinet 

Stylishly get more storage with a recessed medicine cabinet. It offers the same amount of space as a regular medicine cabinet but blends nicely with the existing wall. Recessed cabinets offer a sleek look while allowing more storage space around the sink. 


9. Lighting 

Changing the lighting in the bathroom will make the room feel instantly different. It not only improves the room's functionality by offering more light, but the type of light can also change the mood. Adding a dimmer to the lighting will help to set the mood, especially with a leisurely bath in the new freestanding tub. 

Bathroom lighting does not have to be traditional. Consider nontraditional pieces like a pendant light or chandelier over a freestanding tub. It makes the space feel extra luxurious, and the light itself acts as decor.


10. Ventilation

While it may not be the exciting part of a Southlake bathroom renovation, it is an important renovation to consider. A bathroom vent fan is an excellent addition to any bathroom that doesn't currently have one, specifically the master bath. It draws out moisture and odor, ultimately improving the air quality. With less moisture, it can help prevent any mold or mildew from growing. 

Consider a fan timer switch if you want to upscale your ventilation to the next level. With just a press of a button, the fan will go on and will automatically shut off at the time it is set to. There are various presets for the timer, from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes. 


11. Shower Drain 

It's an easy upgrade but can change the look of your shower in an instant. Skip the traditional round shower drain and upgrade to a square drain; the finish should match the rest of your shower hardware. 

Linear drains are effective at catching and draining the water inside the shower and are more attractive than the traditional circular drain.


12. Wall Mounted Toilet

It's a new trend that is known for taking up less space in the bathroom and is easier to clean around the bottom of the toilet. Some wall-mounted toilets even have bidet functions and built-in air dryers, making them feel more advanced than the standard toilet. 


13. Walk-In Closet

Streamline the morning by adding a way to get to the walk-in closet. It's an added luxury that is also practical. Whether it is a walk-in closet inside of the bathroom or just a connection to the master bedroom closet, both will help speed up the morning routine and makes for a seamless experience. 


14. Tech Additions 

Techy touches will bring your bathroom to the next level. Digital thermostatic valves in your shower will help you control water temperature better and allow you to program it remotely. It's a small addition to the shower that will completely change the ease of showering at the perfect temperature.

Audio speakers in the shower are a fun addition and perfect for all music lovers. From podcasts to music, the speakers will play whatever the shower-goer prefers. The speakers can easily connect to a smartphone and quickly upscale the shower experience. 


15. Heated Towel Racks

Heated towel racks are the ultimate luxury. It makes the master bath feel European. When you get out of the shower or a bath, wrap yourself in a warm towel to keep you from getting cold. In damp climates, the warmer will keep the towels feeling and smelling fresh and dry. 


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