Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design Trends in 2022



With more time being spent at home, bathrooms become the place to relax and unwind after a long day. From moody palettes to statement lighting, create your dream bathroom with our favorite trends. Read on to find the perfect bathroom design trend in 2022 for you!

Back Lighting 

Backlighting in mirrors and medicine cabinets create the perfect glow that a modern bathroom design needs. The lighting is embedded in the mirror or cabinet and offers ambient lighting. The soft glow and the lights’ placement won’t reflect off the mirror and cause a glare. The backlighting reflects off the wall, creating the illusion that your cabinet or mirror is floating and can help make a focal point in the bathroom. When the lighting is dimmed, it doubles as the chic nightlight. 

Unique Wall tiles 

Skip tiny mosaic tiles this year. While once popular, homeowners are leaning towards larger tiles in 2022. Larger format tiles offer a luxurious feel to any bathroom style, and with fewer grout lines, it creates a clean look.


Large tiles not your thing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We can swap out traditional wall tiles for something with a modern twist. Go for an unexpected shape, like a hexagon, to create interest and design on your bathroom wall. The geometric shape will create interest. For another option, consider a different shape like diamonds, triangles, fish scales, and herringbone patterns. While still geometric, it offers a unique look to your tiles and lets you get creative with the final look. 


Homeowners are getting creative with their bathroom tiles this year and trading in shape for exciting designs to create interest. From installing vertically to contrasting grout colors, wall tiles have become an easy way to step outside of the box with a few simple swaps to create something unique and special.

Moody Palettes

When you think of a luxurious bathroom, you tend to think of bright and airy. While that’s still a popular trend, we see more moody palettes this year to relax and unwind in. Pair textured porcelain with black walls, or skip the porcelain and go bold with a black tub. The black gives off an edgy vibe that you are bound to love. 


If black walls or a black tub are too much for your style, dark stones for the floors and walls will have a similar impact. The dark stone adds darker tones to the bathroom, while the stones give it a natural feel. Choose accessories in dark colors,  like your shower curtain and towels, to accentuate the moody palette. 

Bathroom Design Trends in 2021

Statement Lighting 

Think all-out glamour with giant crystal chandeliers, drum pendants, and oversized floor lamps. Don’t be afraid to make a statement! Your bathroom is the one place you want to be well lit to see as you go through your morning routine. Plus, the dramatic lighting will give your space a chic but glamorous focal point to style the rest of your bathroom around. 

Bold Blooms 

Embrace blooms and foliage this year, no matter the size. From botanical walls to bold and quirky wallpaper, expect to see different kinds of flowers in the bathroom in 2022. Add lush, lively foliage to brighten up your space, or add framed photographs of your favorite florals. Either way, having blooms in your bathroom will give the area a fresh and colorful feel. 


Marble has taken the world by storm, and it’s not going anywhere this year. It offers a crisp, clean, and natural look while providing a breathtaking design that everyone loves. These delicate patterns provide a tasteful and luxurious accent to your bathroom. For a dramatic look, cover your walls with marble tiles. While minimal, you are bound to make a stylish statement. 

A marble tub will be the star of the show and is bound to draw eyes to the freestanding tub. It’s unique, and you’ll love the luxurious look when you go to unwind for the night with a bath. For a simple look, we love the look of marble flooring. It still adds that modern and luxurious feel to the bathroom in a traditional way. 

Asymmetrical Tubs

The world gushed over freestanding tubs, and who can blame them? It creates the relaxed bathroom sanctuary that we all need this year. Step outside of the box with an asymmetrical tub. While it’s still freestanding, it offers a different design element that you are bound to love. The unique shape provides a one-off feel, and with you a candle and your favorite book, it’s the perfect getaway after a long day at work. 

Metallic glamour

Metals are making a comeback this year, and we could not be happier. While we love the industrial feel from metal elements, we see metals and brass mixed to warm up the cold and stark feeling of metal. This trend is influenced by the 1960s and 1970s when metals and brass were commonly mixed. There are no rules that they have to match!  Mix and match your metals like a cool metal faucet with a warm brass finish on hooks and the mirror frame. 

Open Showers 

The well known Italian favorite, open concept showers, are starting to pop up everywhere. The fully equipped showers are a crowd pleaser with features that are perfect for any luxurious bathroom. With extras like an integrated bench, a misting stem, and ambient lighting, you are bound to feel like royalty. Homeowners include their standalone tub inside of the shower area with a glass wall to separate the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. This look is simple, elegant, and screams a modern bathroom. While the glass paneling adds a touch of class, it is not necessary. Stairs and edges will help square off the shower from the rest of the bathroom, and top-notch drainage systems will keep water from flooding the rest of the bathroom.


Ceramics can feel cold and sterile but swapped with wood; you instantly get a beautiful and warm vibe. The wood gives off that spa-like feeling without having to leave your home. The floor to ceiling wood paneling radiates warmth, creating a cozy atmosphere and makes for a clean and modern design. It offers a different look than drywall and can even look modern when paired with clean lines. Decor pieces like handmade ceramics and house plants will amp up the natural feel in the space.

For a more simple look, wooden window frames or cabinets will help add that warm feeling.  

Smart Technology

Technology is slowly entering every room of the home, and it was only a matter of time before it entered the bathroom. A fan favorite smart tech option for 2022 is the smart temperature control for the floors and showers, letting you control the temperature and pressure from your phone’s comfort. Easy, right?

Matte Fixtures

An instant favorite and popular trend, matte fixtures add striking and noticeable details without overpowering the room. In lighter spaces, dark matte fixtures can pack a punch and subtly draw attention. The matte finish also helps dirt and dust from being visible and offers a modern look that your guests will love.  

Did you find the Bathroom Design Trends in 2022 inspiring? Are you ready to create your dream bathroom?  Contact us today! 


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