2023 Kitchen Color Inspiration for Cabinetry

2023 Kitchen Color Inspiration for Cabinetry

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home and is often referred to as the most essential room in any house. Not only does the space need to be functional for cooking, but it also needs to feel inviting and beautiful. 

Cabinets are not only a place to store everything in the kitchen but can be used as the main design aspect of the space. They can offer a pop of color or texture apart from the decor or furniture items within the kitchen. From barely there wood to bold pops of color, keep reading to learn more about 2023 kitchen color inspiration for trendy cabinets.


2023 Kitchen Color Inspirations for Cabinets


Barely There Wood 

Wood cabinets had their moment in the spotlight but were pushed to the side for clean and sleek white cabinets. In 2023, expect barely there wood cabinets to fall back into the spotlight. Stained wood cabinets are timeless and classic, showcasing the natural essence of the wood. More and more kitchens are starting to embrace the natural aspect of wood and let the grain detailing be the star of the space. 

Light white oak blends in seamlessly for a barely-there look in the kitchen. It’s highly versatile with any style, and the grain of the wood offers enough interest and contrast within the cabinets. Depending on the color of the kitchen, different color stains will have a barely there feel. A dark stain will blend into a moody space, while a lighter stain will seamlessly blend into a white kitchen. 

With the proper care, wooden cabinets are durable and will last for years to come. Wooden cabinets are known for being forgiving, even with heavy daily use, making barely there cabinets functional and stylish. 



Neutral-colored cabinets are coming back in 2023 to take center stage. It gives off a warm, welcoming vibe while keeping the overall color scheme in the kitchen natural. The backsplash, countertops, and kitchen decor can act as the main accent in the space while the neutral cabinets blend into the background. 

Pale gray is getting increasingly popular due to its timeless appeal and neutral tone. It matches well with most backsplashes and countertops and blends in nicely with any design style. For a more modern look, pale gray can be paired with black hardware or brass hardware for a more transitional look. 

Beige is the color that comes to mind when the topic of neutral-colored cabinets comes up. Beige is a classic color that offers warmth to any space and a degree of softness. It provides a small touch of color without overpowering the room. Beige pairs well with light-colored wood and blends well with many different popular countertop options. 

Blush beige is a different take on the classic beige color that we all know and love. It offers a touch of femininity to the kitchen cabinets while staying neutral. It has a cozy feel and can pair well with other neutral or earthy shades. 

Off-white offers a warmer take on the modern, stark white look. It is timeless and will truly never go out of style. This neutral hue will help brighten the kitchen without offering too much color on the cabinets, keeping that natural and barely there feel. Light shades help the kitchen feel more open and spacious, ultimately making the kitchen feel more inviting. 


Moody + Masculine

Black is the ultimate moody color. It can stand out and make the cabinets the focal point in the kitchen. For less of a bold look, mix black cabinets with more wooden tones. These two colors are often paired together due to their ability to mesh with ease. The light and dark tones act as a balancing point within the space. 

Navy is an excellent alternative to black. It still gives that dark, moody feel while offering a subtle pop of color to the cabinets. Navy can work with a range of styles, and you can expect navy cabinets to blend in seamlessly with various kitchen aesthetics. 

When showcasing wood texture and grain, dark stains can combine the moody feeling without covering the beauty of the wood itself. A dark stain adds a luxurious feel to the room, and the richness of the stain adds a touch of edginess to the kitchen, which is what every moody kitchen wants. Stains are known for bringing out the depth of the wood itself and letting the grain almost act as a decor piece. 

For a bit of color drama, opt for the color espresso. It is a dreamy color for cabinets and can go from sleek and modern to bold and statement-making, making it the ultimate option for versatility. Expect to see this color being a hit in 2023 kitchen color inspirations. 


Shades of Green 

We can expect to see different shades of green on cabinets this year. Olive green is a more neutral take on the color green and embraces the earthy side of the color palette. It offers warmth and pairs well with various colors, such as white and black, which are both commonly found in kitchens. Olive green reminisces lush spring tones and brings a touch of the outdoors into the kitchen.

Mix different greens with a moody feel by opting for a dark shade, like forest green. It combines earthy and moody to create a unique yet lush feel. Dark shades of green will undoubtedly make a statement. 

From dark sage greens to blue-green shades, there are a variety of green hues to fit any cabinet aesthetic. Pair green cabinets with gold hardware for a luxurious but classic feel or with black hardware to keep it moody and modern. 


Bold Colors

When it comes to 2023 kitchen color inspiration, expect to see a variety of bold colors. Striking bold color cabinets make a statement and will catch the eye of every guest. One color that is bound to be the star of the show is spicy red. Spicy red can be paired with light countertops and wooden furniture for a fiery look. Mauve is an excellent alternative to spicy red; it is a softer tone that is still colorful enough to catch the eye. 

Shades of blue, from vibrant cobalt to sky blue, are entering kitchen cabinet color palettes this year. Blue is often known for its relaxing tones and is perfect if you are searching for the ultimate light and airy kitchen oasis. Blue tones often complement white or light wooden tones and blend nicely with kitchen appliances. Pair blue cabinets with other pops of colors like yellows and oranges for the ultimate statement-making kitchen space. Opt for a few blue cabinets mixed in as an accent if you want less of a statement.

Expect to see bold colors used with tri-tone cabinets. Tri-tone cabinets are three distinct color cabinets to make a unique design in the kitchen. Mix the colored cabinets with wood-stained cabinets in the same hue, or mix three different colors to show off your space.


Before choosing the right color for your cabinets, read our blog post about kitchen cabinet doors or contact us for more information. 

Minimal Cabinet Door Styles for a Dallas Kitchen Remodel

Minimal Cabinet Door Styles for a Dallas Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen cabinets are not only functional but can also impact the kitchen's overall design and feel. Cabinet door styles can set the scene of the kitchen area, so it's essential to keep that in mind when choosing the right cabinet doors. There are various options to choose from, making it easy to create a minimalist look that will fit every design style. Remember, when it comes to minimalism, less is more. If you are considering a Dallas kitchen remodel, read on to find the right cabinet door that will fit your minimalist style. 


Minimalist Cabinet Door Styles

Cabinets and cabinet arrangements can help create the overall look and vibe in your kitchen. When it comes to minimalist kitchens, cabinets are a crucial element in how every kitchen is utilized. The cabinets themselves will help keep the kitchen items concealed and give every item a place, ultimately creating a polished and tidy look.


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Frameless

Before deciding on cabinet door styles, it's crucial to consider frameless vs. frame cabinets. Frameless cabinets have full overlay doors that attach directly to the cabinet box. Frameless cabinets give the kitchen cabinets a more modern look and offer more space on the inside. 

Frameless is the perfect option for a minimalist style because it allows more items to be stored inside the cabinet. This means that fewer items will be placed on the countertops, making it easier to keep the kitchen clear of clutter. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Slab Cabinet Doors 

When most think of a typical minimalist kitchen, slab cabinet doors are what come to mind. They are known for their sleek and modern aesthetic. Some would say they are a staple style in the minimalist world. 

Slab cabinet doors, sometimes called European style, are contemporary, elegant, and the ultimate minimalist cabinet door. The slab cabinet door is made of one single, smooth piece of wood and does not have a frame on the face of the cabinet. They can be one of the least visually interesting options, blending seamlessly into the background of the kitchen. On the other hand, slab cabinet doors can help to create a more open and airy feel, making the cabinets feel sleek and less clunky. 

This simplistic design is surprisingly sophisticated for being so simple. It is clean looking and pairs well with simple, unadorned hardware. Since the slab cabinet door is one surface, it is fairly easy to keep clean, which is always a plus in the kitchen. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinet doors, also known as five piece, are the most popular option when it comes to kitchen cabinets. They offer clean, classic lines and have a frame around the flat panel. This style works well in a variety of kitchen designs. Shaker cabinet doors can sometimes be overlooked in a minimalist kitchen, even while being so versatile. You can adjust the size of the frame, which can result in a drastic change in the feel of the cabinet door. A larger, thicker frame will give you a more traditional addition to your kitchen, while a thinner frame will give you a modern and minimalist look. The customization of the frame makes the shaker cabinet door one of the most versatile cabinet door options.


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Slim Shaker Cabinet Doors 

The slim shaker door, known as the skinny shaker or narrow shaker, is the ultimate choice for a clean and sophisticated look. Slim shaker doors are more detailed than flat slab cabinet doors but offer a more minimalist style when compared to the classic shaker-style cabinet door. It is much more unique, stylish, and of course, sleek. 

The detailing of the door offers enough interest while still keeping it modern, fresh, and simple. The slim style can fit in with most kitchen styles beyond minimalist, making it a versatile option for those who change styles often. Slim shaker cabinet doors are here to stay, and you can expect them to be in style for years to come. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Tongue and Groove Cabinet Door

Tongue and groove cabinets are having their moment in the spotlight and for a good reason. When it comes to a minimalist look, this cabinet door style can help create the perfect aesthetic within the kitchen. It adds texture and interest to your cooking oasis but does not overpower the space with clutter or too much detail. Keeping the color of the cabinets similar to the kitchen walls will help keep the space feeling open and allow the textured cabinet doors to blend in seamlessly. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Glass Front Cabinets

Using cabinet doors to showcase everyday items as decor is the ultimate way to combine style and function. This is a simple and minimalist way to add character to your cabinets. The cabinet doors help keep the kitchen feel spacious and tidy, all while showing off functional and stylish everyday items. 

Glass cabinets allow for fewer trinkets and decor items because you are opting for functional decor, like glassware or tableware. It is certainly a creative take on the classic minimalist look. They do require a bit more work to keep clean, seeing that the glass can take on fingerprints or smudging easily. 

dallas kitchen remodel

Blue wine bar

Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Cabinet Color 

While most minimalist kitchens have white cabinets, you can warm up the space instantly by choosing a colored cabinet or a wood-stained finish. It still keeps the overall vibe minimalistic but also offers some color in the space. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Open Shelving 

Complement the cabinet doors with an open shelving display. It embraces and reinforces the minimalist feel and creates an open and airy vibe. Displaying the most used items, like dishware, helps create decor out of functional items while still keeping the look sleek.

Consider limiting the number of items displayed on the shelf while neatly tucking away extra items inside the cabinets. Choose shelving that matches the cabinets to seamlessly blend in with the cabinet arrangement. Let the cabinet doors showcase themselves. 


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - Conceal Appliances 

Consider using false cabinet doors to hide any built-in appliances. It allows the kitchen cabinets to set the overall vibe of the kitchen and create more organization space to make countertops tidy and clutter-free.

False cabinet doors help to conceal the appliances, making it look like it is part of the cabinet arrangement. The seamless look of another cabinet creates a sleek and modern look and will certainly impress your guests. 

Consider doing this with smaller appliances too. Your appliances are necessary and functional, but keeping them out in the open countertops will go against the minimalist style. Take advantage of the cabinetry and choose a cabinet for smaller appliances, like a microwave, to be kept in. This will keep your kitchen visually appealing with absolutely no clutter.


Dallas Kitchen Remodel - The Right Hardware

Hardware can make an impact on your cabinet door style. To keep it within the minimalist look, consider skipping hardware together. Push latches keep the face of the cabinet free of hardware while springing open the cabinet door just by pressing on the cabinet door. 

If you decide to opt for hardware, consider a bar pull. It's modern, and sleek and helps streamline the minimalist look. 

Looking for cabinet color trends? Read our blog post about 2023 Kitchen Color Inspiration for cabinetry. Contact us here for more information on a Dallas kitchen remodel

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Marvelous Marble

Marvelous Marble Kitchen Renovations

Marble is a classic material that is one of the most timeless and luxurious materials you can add to any kitchen. It is versatile enough to fit any kitchen style and color palette. Marble will age gracefully as the years go by, making it a no-brainer to have a marble kitchen renovation when considering a kitchen makeover. 


Why Choose Marble? 

Each slab of marble differs from the rest, making it unique and stylish to add to any kitchen. The slabs are formed within the earth for thousands of years, resulting in each marble slab being completely unique in design.

There are a variety of marble colors. White Thassos marble gives you a snowy feel, with bright whites to lighten up the kitchen area. In comparison, dark marble slabs will bring a moodiness like no other.

Marble slabs are easier to cut than other materials, giving them endless design capabilities without damaging the slab. While the marble material is soft enough to cut, it is still hard enough to withstand kitchen use's daily wear and tear and high traffic. 

Marble is known for its ability to resist heat, which is why you often see it in kitchens and bathrooms. Marble is often the perfect material for countertops and kitchen islands due to the amount of cooking, prepping, and hot food handling in this area. 


Marvelous Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to any marble kitchen renovation, there are a variety of ways that you can incorporate marble into the space. Marble can instantly take a kitchen from feeling dull and drab to luxurious and elegant. Whether you want a subtle pop of marble or an entire kitchen full of marble, there are plenty of options. Read on to see our favorite ways to incorporate marble into a marble kitchen renovation. 

marble kitchen renovation, Traditional Kitchen design texas

Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Countertops

Cooking, preparing, and even eating meals occur on the countertop. Why not make it beautiful and luxurious too? Marble is known for its livability, but its striking design often becomes the kitchen centerpiece when used on countertops, islands, or sinks. 

Marble countertops work well in many different design aesthetics. Keeping the rest of the kitchen neutral in color will allow the color and design in the marble to act as the star of the show with its eye-catching detailing.  

Every slab of marble is one of a kind, perfect for those who love unique accents in their space. No two marble slabs are exactly alike, which is part of the fun when choosing a marble slab for countertops. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Backsplashes 

Kitchen backsplashes can add a dramatic accent to the oven area in any kitchen. For a more industrial-style kitchen, opt for marble subway tiles as the backsplash. For a more modern look, skip the tiles for a full marble slab instead. Either way, the unique patterns of the marble will add contrast and design to any kitchen area. 

Marble backsplashes can contrast the kitchen cabinets or even complement an all-white kitchen. Marble backsplashes pair perfectly with gray finishings or even stainless steel appliances. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Waterfall Countertops 

For a dramatic effect, marble waterfall countertops will make an immediate impact. It's a luxury jaw-dropper that drapes all way down the sides of the countertop to the floor, giving it a waterfall effect. Marble takes a waterfall countertop to the next level. Paired with a light color palette in the kitchen, the countertop will stand out as the main attraction in the space. 

Marble waterfall countertops are often used for kitchen islands and can be paired with another material for a two-tone effect. Marble is known for its ability to complement other materials, like wood. The wood embraces texture and warmth, while the marble embraces luxury, drama, and details. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Kitchen Islands 

Marble kitchen islands can bring a timeless style to the kitchen. This multifunctional space can be used for cooking, prepping, and entertaining. Not to mention, they look completely stunning with a total marble makeover. 

Using large amounts of marble on the kitchen island will undoubtedly impact the style and feel of your kitchen. The marble countertop on the island can either complement the rest of your room as the main design feature and focal point or seamlessly match the other marble accents in the kitchen, like the sink or backsplash. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Flooring

Kitchen flooring is often the first thing that many see when they step foot into the kitchen space. Marble flooring brings a sense of sophistication and elegance while embracing the all-natural element. Polishing marble brings out the unique colors and detailing within the marble. For a moodier feel, dark marble will still bring that unique detailing marble is known for with a dark and moody color palette. 

One feature of marble flooring that gives it a tremendous advantage is its ability to incorporate inlays into the design. While each tile feels like a custom piece, the addition of the marble inlay makes it a real work of art. Marble inlays are reminiscent of architecture and historical art, so it is no surprise it brings that same element into the home. It is bound to get a sense of luxury and history into the space while offering a durable option for flooring. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Kitchen Sinks 

Marble sinks are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Marble sinks are available in various styles, making it easy to choose a sink style that seamlessly fits into the existing kitchen style. 

Choosing marble offers a unique visual that is both luxurious and eye-catching. An apron front sink is known for its farmhouse look and is jaw-dropping when swapping white porcelain for white marble. For the ultimate marble kitchen renovation, consider marble on marble with a marble sink seamlessly matching a marble countertop. It gives the kitchen a smooth and harmonious finish. 

Pair the marble sink with brass fixtures to give it that luxe, farmhouse look, or choose stainless steel for a more classic fixture look. If the marble has distinct veining, consider adding that color from the marble sink into the hardware. Marble with black veining can complement black matte faucets and even cabinet hardware. It creates a seamless design throughout the entire space. 


Marble Kitchen Renovation - Marble Kitchen Accessories 

Last but certainly not least is marble accessories. After your marvelous marble kitchen renovation, incorporating a few marble decor items will help the marble throughout the room stand out even more. From marble cutting boards to marble wall shelving, it is easy to add elegant yet functional decor to the kitchen, making the detailing of each marble slab stand out throughout the space.  


Ready for a marble kitchen makeover of your own? Contact us today for a marvelous marble kitchen renovation. 

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Master Bath Must Haves

Southlake Bathroom Renovations: Master Bath Must Haves

The master bathroom is the space in your home that is used daily and should be the place you can go to relax and unwind from your day. It acts as an in-home oasis. 

Renovating your master bath allows you to bring new improvements that suit your current needs. These can range from improving the room's functionality, style, storage, and even comfort. Adding luxury to your bathroom will help elevate your morning routine and make you feel like you're in a spa or a resort daily. If you are looking for Southlake bathroom renovation, read on to learn more about these 15 master bath must-haves. 


15 Master Bath Must Haves

1. A Double Vanity

A double vanity is top of the list of renovation must-haves. It offers a sense of luxury, making it feel like your favorite hotel bathroom is now in your master bedroom. Separate sinks and cabinets can give both partners their own space, keeping countertops less cluttered and tidy. A double vanity allows any couple to use the sink area simultaneously without bumping into each other, creating a more enjoyable overall experience. 


2. Vanity Drawer Outlets 

Adding vanity drawer outlets is the perfect functional addition to the newly installed double vanity. This simple feature helps keep extra clutter off the countertops while adding more space to plug in appliances. Drawer outlets are perfect for smaller devices, like hair dryers. 


3. Single Handle Faucet

Single handle faucets are easy to turn on and adjust without too much twisting and multiple faucet knobs. For an even more luxurious experience, consider a touchless faucet. It makes the sink feel even more upscale and elegant. Some faucets have electronic soap dispensers, making it feel like an addition you would only typically find in most hotels. 


4. Countertops 

Countertops are a common must-have when it comes to bathroom renovations. Upgrading the countertops to a luxury material instantly changes the feel of the space. Some popular countertop materials are granite, marble, and even concrete. They are desirable and lack grout lines, making cleaning the countertops much easier. 

Step outside of the box with the countertop material by opting for stone countertops. Stone is easy to take care of and stunning in any bathroom setting. Skip traditional marble and swap out for dark, moody marble. The black shades bring a sense of drama to the bathroom, and the marble details are a beautiful addition. 


5. Heated Flooring 

Never walk across a cold tile floor again. Heated floors are great for the winter season and offer everyday luxury to improve anyone's bathroom experience. As you walk across the floor, you can feel the warmth from the tiles to help you warm up after a long bath. Heated flooring uses less energy than traditional forced air heating; the tiles will be able to retain the heat for a small period of time. Heated flooring can even add value to your home. 


6. Freestanding Tub 

Taking a long soak in a freestanding tub is the ultimate definition of relaxation. A freestanding tub is solely dedicated to kicking back and relaxing. It also adds a beautiful focal point to the bathroom. The sculptural look of the tub adds elegance and luxury that just doesn't come with a shower, no matter the design style in the space. Freestanding tubs help to open up the bathroom and add an airy feeling to the room. 


7. Steam Showers 

Sauna or steam showers are a jaw-dropping addition to any bathroom. It gives you the feeling of a day spa right in the comfort of your own home. Most saunas or steam showers are built for two, allowing you and your partner to relax in your in-home spa without taking up too much space in the bathroom. 


8. Recessed Medicine Cabinet 

Stylishly get more storage with a recessed medicine cabinet. It offers the same amount of space as a regular medicine cabinet but blends nicely with the existing wall. Recessed cabinets offer a sleek look while allowing more storage space around the sink. 


9. Lighting 

Changing the lighting in the bathroom will make the room feel instantly different. It not only improves the room's functionality by offering more light, but the type of light can also change the mood. Adding a dimmer to the lighting will help to set the mood, especially with a leisurely bath in the new freestanding tub. 

Bathroom lighting does not have to be traditional. Consider nontraditional pieces like a pendant light or chandelier over a freestanding tub. It makes the space feel extra luxurious, and the light itself acts as decor.


10. Ventilation

While it may not be the exciting part of a Southlake bathroom renovation, it is an important renovation to consider. A bathroom vent fan is an excellent addition to any bathroom that doesn't currently have one, specifically the master bath. It draws out moisture and odor, ultimately improving the air quality. With less moisture, it can help prevent any mold or mildew from growing. 

Consider a fan timer switch if you want to upscale your ventilation to the next level. With just a press of a button, the fan will go on and will automatically shut off at the time it is set to. There are various presets for the timer, from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes. 


11. Shower Drain 

It's an easy upgrade but can change the look of your shower in an instant. Skip the traditional round shower drain and upgrade to a square drain; the finish should match the rest of your shower hardware. 

Linear drains are effective at catching and draining the water inside the shower and are more attractive than the traditional circular drain.


12. Wall Mounted Toilet

It's a new trend that is known for taking up less space in the bathroom and is easier to clean around the bottom of the toilet. Some wall-mounted toilets even have bidet functions and built-in air dryers, making them feel more advanced than the standard toilet. 


13. Walk-In Closet

Streamline the morning by adding a way to get to the walk-in closet. It's an added luxury that is also practical. Whether it is a walk-in closet inside of the bathroom or just a connection to the master bedroom closet, both will help speed up the morning routine and makes for a seamless experience. 


14. Tech Additions 

Techy touches will bring your bathroom to the next level. Digital thermostatic valves in your shower will help you control water temperature better and allow you to program it remotely. It's a small addition to the shower that will completely change the ease of showering at the perfect temperature.

Audio speakers in the shower are a fun addition and perfect for all music lovers. From podcasts to music, the speakers will play whatever the shower-goer prefers. The speakers can easily connect to a smartphone and quickly upscale the shower experience. 


15. Heated Towel Racks

Heated towel racks are the ultimate luxury. It makes the master bath feel European. When you get out of the shower or a bath, wrap yourself in a warm towel to keep you from getting cold. In damp climates, the warmer will keep the towels feeling and smelling fresh and dry. 


Ready for your own Southlake bathroom renovation? Contact us today for these bathroom must-haves.

The Latest Trends in Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets set the tone for the kitchen space and can instantly change the room's vibe. We've seen the clean look of bright white cabinets to the moody and dark feel of black cabinets. White and black cabinets offer a distinct style, add personality to any kitchen, and can go with any color palette within the kitchen. While they are still popular, in 2022, expect to see more colored cabinets adorning kitchen walls to brighten up (or even darken) the kitchen. If you are ready to add a splash of color to the kitchen, read on to learn the latest eleven trends in colored kitchen cabinets. 


11 Colored Kitchen Cabinet Trends

There are various trending colors to choose from this year that fall within three categories; light, medium, and dark. Light colors offer a simple and clean look and complement the other elements and design details within the kitchen. Medium shades are the most popular and are the go-to when light or dark shades just won't work. Dark shades are the boldest of the three categories and certainly offer a sense of luxury, drama, and complete mood. 


The Latest Trends in Colored Kitchen Cabinets


1. Dark Gray Cabinets

Dark gray adds a dark and moody to the kitchen while staying away from the ever-so-popular black. It adds a rich warmth to the space and can even be neutral within the kitchen. Gray is known for being timeless, even as the trends change throughout the year. The dark shade offers an updated feel to the past favorite of light gray. Paired with white walls and a quartz countertop, it provides a neutral and versatile feel to any kitchen. Expect to see more kitchens with dark gray kitchen cabinets show off their darker and more masculine side this year. 


2. Periwinkle Blue Cabinets

Blue offers a fresh and welcoming feel to any kitchen. A muted blue with gray undertones, like periwinkle blue, still provides a pop of color without feeling too bright and overwhelming in the kitchen. When paired with black, white, or wood to make the kitchen cabinets the primary focus while the rest of the kitchen remains neutral. Periwinkle blue draws attention to the cabinet design, offers fresh and relaxed energy to the space, and can stand as the foundation to allow other colors to act as the accents in the room. 


3. Navy Cabinets

Periwinkle isn't the only popular blue shade trending this year. Navy is another popular cabinet color in 2022 and is great if you are looking for a bolder option. The dark color offers a more cozy and intimate look for kitchens and can be paired with beige, white, or gold accents for an elegant look.


The Latest Trends in Colored Kitchen Cabinets


4. Dark Wood Cabinets

Skip the paint color altogether and let the tone of the wood speak for itself. Expect to see a resurgence of wooden cabinets this year. Wooden cabinets are naturally more traditional in design; the different kinds of wood allow wooden cabinets to fit into any style of kitchen. Dark walnut cabinets offer the same moody feel as darker color shades while adding a unique texture to the space. Paired with white walls and gold finishes helps to create a modern and bright kitchen area. 


5. Yellow Cabinets

The trend of going bold is here to stay with sunshine yellow cabinets. This shade completely brightens up the space, is entirely unexpected, and gives off a chic feel within the kitchen. If sunshine yellow is too bold for your taste, opt for a lighter shade to offer a less overpowering pop of color within the kitchen. Keep the vibe happy and bright with a fun patterned backsplash, or lighten up the kitchen space with white walls and appliances for a cheerful yet less vibrant look. 


6. Teal Cabinets

2022 is full of bright colors, but teal is certainly unexpected. Teal cabinets offer a bright and refreshing pop of color to any kitchen and creates a focal point like no other. The color energizes the kitchen space, making it perfect for anyone to showcase their culinary skills. Teal cabinets can act as the star of the show and do not call for any bright colors on your walls, making gray, cream, or white a go-to option. 


7. Mint Green Cabinets 

Different shades of green offer a classic, sophisticated, and understated look within the kitchen space, and we can expect to see a few different shades of green making it into kitchens this year. Light minty shades will add life to the space for a calm and relaxing feel that doesn't overpower the room. Mint green offers just enough color while barely there and is a soothing hue, making it an easy addition to the kitchen that won't overpower the space.


8. Earthy Green Cabinets

Earthy hues have only increased in popularity over the years, so it is no surprise that muddy (and earthy) greens have made their way onto cabinets this year. The kitchen can feel chaotic at times; earthy colors are great for bringing a sense of restfulness and harmony within the space. These earthy shades pair well with other neutral shades and offer a twist to a typical white cabinet. 


9. Hunter Green Cabinets

Shades of green on cabinets aren't just for light and neutral kitchens; a darker shade of green can offer the same earthy feel while making a bold appearance. Expect to see dark hunter green make a splash in moody kitchens, adding a rich but smooth feel to the overall vibe. They pair well with light and dark walls, making it a go-to option for any kitchen looking to make a statement with their cabinets.


10. Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets debuted a few years ago and are still trending in 2022. They add a modern and moody feel to any kitchen and can easily be paired with dark or light walls. For a minimal look, pair black cabinets with white walls or with dark walls and dark appliances to create the ultimate moody feel. 


The Latest Trends in Colored Kitchen Cabinets


11. Two-toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets are taking the design world by storm and can offer the best of both worlds. With upper cabinets staying lighter in shades and the base cabinets in a dark shade, the two-toned look creates contrast and interest within the kitchen. Darker colors on the upper cabinets can create the feeling that the ceiling is lower than it really is. To keep the kitchen space feeling large and open, opt for the lighter color on the upper cabinet. 


If you want more luxury kitchen trends that will go with colored kitchen cabinets, check out Luxury Kitchens Trends in 2022.


If you are ready to install colored kitchen cabinets,  contact us today to get started! 

Mixing Metals in Your Kitchen Design

Kitchens are full of metal finishes, from appliances to cabinet hardware, and can be a hard decision for designers and homeowners due to the many possibilities to choose from. It is a common belief that you have to stick to one metal finish within the kitchen, making it that much harder to decide on the right finish. Mixing metals in your kitchen creates a customized feel and can change the look and feel of the space. Keep reading to learn how to integrate metals within your kitchen design.


Identify the Metals

First, it’s essential to identify the different metals within the kitchen. Cabinet hardware, kitchen appliances, and plumbing fixtures are almost always made of metal. Some decorative pieces may be metal too, like range hoods, light fixtures, furniture, and of course, decorative accents. Look to see where you will need to install metal fixtures and make notes.


Variety of Metal Options

There are a variety of metal options and the different metals are available in a variety of finishes. Nickel, copper, gold, aluminum, iron, brass, bronze, steel, and wrought iron are the most popular options when choosing metals for the kitchen. Each of these options can come with different finishes, such as polished, matte, antiqued, or even hammered. Eachoption gives the kitchen design a different look and feel. 

Tip! Metals come in a variety of colors, but it’s important to remember that the physical and chemical properties in the metal could be of importance when choosing your metals within your kitchen. 


Why Mix Metals? 

Mixing metals is a popular kitchen trend that we are absolutely loving. It adds depth, interest, and a timeless look to your kitchen design while adding a customized and personal feel. It’s unique and adds character to your home kitchen without ever having to add decor. Mixing different metals within your kitchen will help your space feel more current regarding trends. You’re not relying on one trend that will come and go and can livin on as a fad ends; opt for metals that work for your home’s overall look and feel. 



How to Mix and Match Metals



Choose a Primary Metal

When it comes to mixing metals, it’s important to see that there is a primary metal in the space when you walk in. Decide on one metal as the focal point and use the other metals as accents within the kitchen. When choosing your primary metal, look around the room to see what’s already installed, what you’ll be keeping, and what you want to replace. Decide on one main metal and use it as a focal point, incorporate other finishes as accents within the kitchen. 

The primary metal in your kitchen should make up roughly 60% to 75% of the metals in your kitchen. When a space is split half and half with finishes, it can start to feel a bit chaotic and unplanned. Choose one or two metals as accents. When it comes to choosing which metal, it’s important to pay attention to the undertone of the primarymetal. Some metals have warm undertones, like brass, copper, gold, and nickel, making them the best options for kitchens with a primarily warm color palette. For metals with a cool look, opt for stainless steel and chrome. They give off a cool-toned look and are the best options for kitchens with a cool color vibe. You can certainly mix warm and cool metals, but there is a chance that they could clash if you go overboard. 

Matte black metals work well in most modern kitchens and can act as a neutral in the space. Stainless steel is another popular option and is commonly used for appliances and sinks. They are so common today that they almost act as a neutral and work well with other metals. 


Vary the Finishes

Try varying the finish of the metal along with the type of metal. There are various options to choose from, like antiqued, matte, satin, brushed, and polished. There are a variety of finishes that make mixing metals work well together. For a contrasting look, consider opting for a soft metal with shiny metal. It adds depth and contrast to the metal pairing. Two polished metals can result in a glamorous look, making it the perfect go-to option if that is the look you desire. If glam Is not your intent, consider matte or satin metals to offset the shine. Softer metals with a muted or matte finish don’t offer a lot of shine, making them easier to mix. 


Create Symmetry

Distribute the metals evenly throughout the kitchen. Maintaining symmetry within the space is essential to the overall design; a good rule of thumb is to use the metals atleast twice within the space so nothing feels under or over used. If you’ve chosen your cabinet hardware to act as your accent pieces, consider adding a mirror in the same finish. Think of adding a piece of furniture or light fixture with mixed metal and incorporating both of your finishes to create a cohesive look. 

Go with your gut and taste. Choose a metal that reflects your style and personality. Mixing metals is a great way to add interest and depth to your kitchen. Like fabrics, making and matching metal finishes are a unique way to show off your personality and personalize the kitchen space to your style. 


A Rule of Thumb

A great rule of thumb to go by is to mix the different metal elements within your kitchen, for example, your hardware, lighting fixtures, appliances, and even plumbing fixtures. Those items can vary in metal finishes. Match within your metal elements. This means the same finish for all of your cabinet hardware, all of your appliances, and all of your lighting fixtures. 

If, for any reason, you are unsure about mixing metals in your kitchen design, try experimenting with smaller decor pieces that can be switched out easily. Choose metallic picture frames, wall art, mirrors, and small decor that can be removed or moved around the kitchen. Stick with two metals in the kitchen to start and experiment with a third metal through your decor. Once you decide you love the look, you are ready to move to more permanent metal fixtures. 


Ready to start mixing metals in your kitchen?  Contact us today to get started! 

Luxury Kitchens Trends in 2022

Kitchens were used more than ever in 2021. From daily workspaces to creating every meal, kitchens become the hub of the home. For 2022, we expect kitchens to become more welcoming and luxurious with subtle design details and less focused on function. We’ve put together a list of luxury kitchen trends to look out for this year. Whether you opt for one or all, your kitchen will feel more luxurious in no time. 


Luxury Kitchen Trends


Rounded Edges 

Kitchens are often full of hard surfaces, like counters and tabletops. The squared-off edges give off a clean, contemporary look. Expect to see those hard surfaces soften up this year and be replaced with rounded edges. Rounded edges can instantly change your kitchen's look and give off a more modern chic feel. The curves help soften the space and add a calming feeling within the room, letting you focus entirely on your recipe or task at hand.



Texture tends to stay out of the kitchen but in 2022, expect the texture trend to come into the kitchen. Texture is the perfect way to incorporate depth and design without adding extra decor. It will help you create a bold look within any room, specifically the kitchen, where texture usually isn't. From brushed metals to leathered finishes, using different materials within your kitchen gives it a unique and sophisticated look. Mix and match different textures, like marble with wood grains or stone finishes, to give off a luxurious feel and your character and style. 




Marble Slab Backsplashes

Marble is a luxurious kitchen staple and adds an instant focal point to the space. Opt for marble slabs to replace your backsplash tiles. The large slab is unexpected and certainly packs a punch when making a statement. The design of the marble itself adds a luxurious feel to the kitchen, while the marble design reflects the light and adds a soft color palette to the space. 

Marble has always given off a luxurious feel; take it to the next level by dressing up your cabinet fronts. The sleek and neutral pattern will give off a modern feel to your cabinets. Pair with gold and emerald green accents to find off the look. 


Black Accents

Skip stainless steel appliances this year and opt for black appliances for an upscale, luxurious feel. It gives off a sleek, more modern look. Add black accents throughout the room, like matte black faucets, to enhance the pops of black throughout the space. Copper hardware has been popular for years, but we are starting to see them being swapped out for black cabinet handles and hardware for a more sophisticated look throughout the kitchen. 





Patterns in the kitchen have been trending for years as more and more wallpapers and paper have gained traction. In 2022, we expect to see fewer patterns on the wall and more on the floor. Focus on the tiles themselves and add more style and design to give your kitchen an overall luxurious feel. 


Double Islands

When it comes to 2022 design trends, this trend offers both form and function to your kitchen space. With two kitchen islands, you can have plenty of counter space for working, food prepping, or even hanging out. Add cozy and stylish seating to the islands, like matte black barstools, for guests to sit and relax. 


No Hardware

There will be a move to skip the cabinet hardware altogether this upcoming season, leaving a sleek and modern look behind on your cabinets. It gives off a more organic aesthetic, letting the cabinet itself be showcased throughout the room without metal interfering. If there is hardware, expect to see it accented with black. 



Stone is eye-catching and will certainly draw the eye in any room, exactly why you can expect to start seeing it layered throughout kitchens, in big and small ways. Replace subtle surfaces with stone for a dramatic look, like your countertop or sink, to draw the eye. From countertop backsplash to cabinet pulls, even kitchen islander bases, stone creates more visual interest while offering a neutral color palette.




Bold Cabinetry

We expect to see more kitchens move away from the classic all-white kitchen cabinets. Expect to see more and more kitchens full of bold colors, specifically on their cabinets. Earthy greens, while neutral, certainly draw the eye in the kitchen. It gives off a moody yet luxurious look and easily incorporates color into your kitchen design without overpowering the space. 


Sleek, Minimal Lighting 

In 2022, we expect to see modern and sleek kitchen lighting trends. While merging with a minimal look, it creates a clean-lined look and impacts the kitchen's overall design. If you have floating shelves for storage, consider adding under-cabinet lighting. While simple, the addition of light adds a subtle touch of unexpected luxury.


Cabinetry Design

While we expect to see bold-colored cabinets, we believe cabinets are going to be the main focal point this year. The cabinet design will be showcased, with various woods and unexpected materials, like stone, concrete, and even metal. 


Metallic Accents

A luxury kitchen trend for 2022 that will undoubtedly draw the eye is metallic backsplashes. Paired with dark cabinets, it gives off a touch of shimmer and reflects light throughout the room, creating a perfect touch of luxury. 

If metallic backsplashes are too overpowering in your kitchen space, consider adding shiny metallic accessories throughout your kitchen for a bit of bling. From crystal chandeliers to copper kitchen accessories, it adds a metallic touch that is more sophisticated than showy. 


Retractable Doors

Create an indoor-outdoor feel with fully retractable doors. It creates an open feeling in your kitchen and offers the ultimate luxury of going outdoors with your freshly cooked meal to enjoy with friends or enjoying the warm breeze on summer days.


Sculptural Pendant Lights

Make your lighting feel luxurious by opting for sculptural pendant lights. They add a cool factor to your kitchen, not to mention drawing the eye to an unexpected luxurious look, all while adding lighting to your kitchen. Opt for white sculptural lights to add to a white-on-white kitchen for a monochromatic look.  


Faucet Design

The design of the faucet you choose for your sink can instantly add character to your kitchen. From vintage to rectangular, there is a variety of faucet designs to choose from. In 2022, expect to see L-shaped faucets make their debut. Their slim fixtures are practical and, of course, beautiful to look at. They offer a sleek and luxurious addition to your kitchen sink. 


Are you ready to create your dream luxury kitchen?  Contact us today! 

Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design Trends in 2022



With more time being spent at home, bathrooms become the place to relax and unwind after a long day. From moody palettes to statement lighting, create your dream bathroom with our favorite trends. Read on to find the perfect bathroom design trend in 2022 for you!

Back Lighting 

Backlighting in mirrors and medicine cabinets create the perfect glow that a modern bathroom design needs. The lighting is embedded in the mirror or cabinet and offers ambient lighting. The soft glow and the lights’ placement won’t reflect off the mirror and cause a glare. The backlighting reflects off the wall, creating the illusion that your cabinet or mirror is floating and can help make a focal point in the bathroom. When the lighting is dimmed, it doubles as the chic nightlight. 

Unique Wall tiles 

Skip tiny mosaic tiles this year. While once popular, homeowners are leaning towards larger tiles in 2022. Larger format tiles offer a luxurious feel to any bathroom style, and with fewer grout lines, it creates a clean look.


Large tiles not your thing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We can swap out traditional wall tiles for something with a modern twist. Go for an unexpected shape, like a hexagon, to create interest and design on your bathroom wall. The geometric shape will create interest. For another option, consider a different shape like diamonds, triangles, fish scales, and herringbone patterns. While still geometric, it offers a unique look to your tiles and lets you get creative with the final look. 


Homeowners are getting creative with their bathroom tiles this year and trading in shape for exciting designs to create interest. From installing vertically to contrasting grout colors, wall tiles have become an easy way to step outside of the box with a few simple swaps to create something unique and special.

Moody Palettes

When you think of a luxurious bathroom, you tend to think of bright and airy. While that’s still a popular trend, we see more moody palettes this year to relax and unwind in. Pair textured porcelain with black walls, or skip the porcelain and go bold with a black tub. The black gives off an edgy vibe that you are bound to love. 


If black walls or a black tub are too much for your style, dark stones for the floors and walls will have a similar impact. The dark stone adds darker tones to the bathroom, while the stones give it a natural feel. Choose accessories in dark colors,  like your shower curtain and towels, to accentuate the moody palette. 

Bathroom Design Trends in 2021

Statement Lighting 

Think all-out glamour with giant crystal chandeliers, drum pendants, and oversized floor lamps. Don’t be afraid to make a statement! Your bathroom is the one place you want to be well lit to see as you go through your morning routine. Plus, the dramatic lighting will give your space a chic but glamorous focal point to style the rest of your bathroom around. 

Bold Blooms 

Embrace blooms and foliage this year, no matter the size. From botanical walls to bold and quirky wallpaper, expect to see different kinds of flowers in the bathroom in 2022. Add lush, lively foliage to brighten up your space, or add framed photographs of your favorite florals. Either way, having blooms in your bathroom will give the area a fresh and colorful feel. 


Marble has taken the world by storm, and it’s not going anywhere this year. It offers a crisp, clean, and natural look while providing a breathtaking design that everyone loves. These delicate patterns provide a tasteful and luxurious accent to your bathroom. For a dramatic look, cover your walls with marble tiles. While minimal, you are bound to make a stylish statement. 

A marble tub will be the star of the show and is bound to draw eyes to the freestanding tub. It’s unique, and you’ll love the luxurious look when you go to unwind for the night with a bath. For a simple look, we love the look of marble flooring. It still adds that modern and luxurious feel to the bathroom in a traditional way. 

Asymmetrical Tubs

The world gushed over freestanding tubs, and who can blame them? It creates the relaxed bathroom sanctuary that we all need this year. Step outside of the box with an asymmetrical tub. While it’s still freestanding, it offers a different design element that you are bound to love. The unique shape provides a one-off feel, and with you a candle and your favorite book, it’s the perfect getaway after a long day at work. 

Metallic glamour

Metals are making a comeback this year, and we could not be happier. While we love the industrial feel from metal elements, we see metals and brass mixed to warm up the cold and stark feeling of metal. This trend is influenced by the 1960s and 1970s when metals and brass were commonly mixed. There are no rules that they have to match!  Mix and match your metals like a cool metal faucet with a warm brass finish on hooks and the mirror frame. 

Open Showers 

The well known Italian favorite, open concept showers, are starting to pop up everywhere. The fully equipped showers are a crowd pleaser with features that are perfect for any luxurious bathroom. With extras like an integrated bench, a misting stem, and ambient lighting, you are bound to feel like royalty. Homeowners include their standalone tub inside of the shower area with a glass wall to separate the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. This look is simple, elegant, and screams a modern bathroom. While the glass paneling adds a touch of class, it is not necessary. Stairs and edges will help square off the shower from the rest of the bathroom, and top-notch drainage systems will keep water from flooding the rest of the bathroom.


Ceramics can feel cold and sterile but swapped with wood; you instantly get a beautiful and warm vibe. The wood gives off that spa-like feeling without having to leave your home. The floor to ceiling wood paneling radiates warmth, creating a cozy atmosphere and makes for a clean and modern design. It offers a different look than drywall and can even look modern when paired with clean lines. Decor pieces like handmade ceramics and house plants will amp up the natural feel in the space.

For a more simple look, wooden window frames or cabinets will help add that warm feeling.  

Smart Technology

Technology is slowly entering every room of the home, and it was only a matter of time before it entered the bathroom. A fan favorite smart tech option for 2022 is the smart temperature control for the floors and showers, letting you control the temperature and pressure from your phone’s comfort. Easy, right?

Matte Fixtures

An instant favorite and popular trend, matte fixtures add striking and noticeable details without overpowering the room. In lighter spaces, dark matte fixtures can pack a punch and subtly draw attention. The matte finish also helps dirt and dust from being visible and offers a modern look that your guests will love.  

Did you find the Bathroom Design Trends in 2022 inspiring? Are you ready to create your dream bathroom?  Contact us today! 


Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Trends

As one of the most sought after luxury kitchen designers and remodelers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we have compiled a list of the latest trends in luxury kitchen remodeling.

Smart Kitchens

As technology gets smarter, so do the household luxury items. Examples include refrigerators that alert homeowners on inventory, motion detecting faucets, lighting controls, voice activated sound systems. Smart kitchen appliances are being implemented in the new technological development of modern, luxury kitchens.

Display Cabinets

A modern showcase of minimal, matching, and selective dishware is both functional and decorative. Remember, display cabinets are an art form. In the beginning of working together, let us know and we can put it into your design plans.

Spatially Sound Walk Ways

While this isn’t necessarily a new trend, we’re focusing on the importance of mobility in the kitchen. With everyone staying inside more frequently, older family members may visit needing to get around easily. Also, cooking from home feels way more luxurious with space to roam freely from the island to the fridge.

Gold Accent Pieces

Stainless steel was all the rage, and it’s still being used as a staple, traditional design. Another option is adding a touch of the luxurious accent of gold. By adding it to the light fixtures, drawer hardware, sink faucet, and general decor, you can bring in some warmth.

Concrete Countertops

For a more urban feel, homeowners are requesting more and more concrete countertops – making quartz countertops seem average in comparison. The strong, industrial, and muted tone of concrete creates a grounded, earthy atmosphere.

Dark Cabinet Covers

Bright and airy kitchens have been trending for quite some time now. Dark cabinet covers are coming to make a moody and luxurious shift for kitchen design. Paired with a lighter floor and kitchen island, the cabinets pair beautifully with the contrasting white or light neutrals.

Extremely Organized Pantry

The rave of the Netflix show, Get Organized, has everyone obsessing over the perfectly color coordinated, labeled, and food categorized fridge and pantry. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it truly adds to the functionality of your kitchen. And who doesn’t want to find the treats in the kitchen way faster and easier? We are 100% onboard with strategizing the layout of kitchen design.

Custom Steel Hoods

This kitchen trend is for the modern homeowner who wants a personality flare that brings back the homey nature of cooking and family togetherness. With the overdone stainless steel, commercial kitchen look, it’s a beautiful and innovative statement piece to make your kitchen special to you.

Ornate Lighting Fixtures

The simple sleek look of symmetrical lighting fixtures is being replaced with complicated, ornate, asymmetrical pieces that add character above your kitchen sink or island. Light fixtures make a huge difference with your kitchen’s aesthetics, and it can be a great way to start when we start a client design project.

Luxury Kitchen Remodel DFW

At The Kitchen Source, we believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. 

Are you thinking about a luxury kitchen remodel? Planning a remodel can seem like an overwhelming task. Therefore, we have created a detailed step-by-step guide of the luxury kitchen remodel process.

In the era of HGTV and home design shows, the media can easily mislead homebuyers where home remodel costs and timelines are concerned. In general, the whole process takes approximately 6 – 9 months depending on the materials, scope, and communication between parties.  

Below, we have separated each phase of the process with the corresponding “steps” and stages to set realistic expectations for your luxury kitchen remodel.

PHASE 1 | Setting A Budget | 3 – 6 weeks

Step #1 | Meet with a kitchen designer or stop by The Kitchen Source Showroom

Your luxury kitchen remodel process will start with your meeting with a kitchen designer. At The Kitchen Source, we offer in-house kitchen designers who are ready to assist you the moment you walk through the door. 

In this step, we want to get you inspired about your new luxury kitchen! Our kitchen designers will show you different cabinet lines, discuss the differences in door styles and finishes as well as show off some of our fantastic Sub-Zero Wolf appliances. The designer will talk with you about your home design style and begin to understand what you are looking for in your future kitchen. 

If you need a little bit of inspiration, check out Architectural Digest’s Kitchen Renovation Guide here.

Step #2 | Complimentary In-Home Consultation 

During this step, your kitchen designer will meet with you in your home to discuss the remodel space. You and your designer will discuss your plans while the designer offers their suggestions.

Here are some topics to consider:

The kitchen designer will discuss approximate price points on material and appliances options. 

Click here to see our full article on how to budget for a luxury kitchen remodel.

Step #3 | Kitchen Designer Presents Your Kitchen Estimate

In this step, you will meet with your kitchen designer to discuss the overall project budget. This is your opportunity to voice your opinions on cost, budget allocation, and provide feedback on your kitchen remodel price point. Once you agree to remove forward, the kitchen designer will collect a design retainer and you will sign a contract to proceed.

PHASE 2 | The Design Process | 6 weeks – 2 months

This is the exciting part! You and your kitchen designer will start designing your new luxury kitchen. From baked-on cabinet finishes to elegant marble countertops to fun backsplash patterns to unique door hardware – this is the phase where your dreams start to become a reality.

Step #1 | Kitchen Design Team Measures Floor Plan 

At this point, your kitchen design team will visit your home again to measure the space, take elevations, and draw up the floor plan (take walls out, move around cabinets). 

The design team will then provide this information to the construction manager who will also measure the space. The construction team will then provide a labor bid and feedback on the project to the kitchen designer. 

Click here to find out more about the approximate cost of labor for a luxury kitchen remodel.

Step #2 | Designer Designs Your Kitchen Layout 

This step is exactly as it says. Your kitchen designer will use the measurements, suggestions, and your design style to bring your new kitchen to life with a design. 

Step #3 | The Kitchen Proposal

Here, your designer will present you with your kitchen proposal. They will provide you with the kitchen layout and a “scope of work” which is everything the design team plans on doing during this process (moving plumbing, demoing the walls, adding lighting, etc.). 

Your kitchen designer will gather information on pricing out materials, countertops, backsplashes, floors, and finishes. You will also be provided with an approximate labor bid. 

Here is your opportunity to approve or make changes as you see fit. 

Step #4 | Sign Kitchen Design Contract

Once you approve the kitchen proposal, your designer will provide you a contract price to move forward with the final step. 

PHASE 3 | Order Raw Materials | 8 – 12 weeks until installation

Your kitchen designer will place the order for raw materials at this phase. This time depends on the type of materials and cabinets you ordered as well as the scope of work. 

During this time, you will be preparing your kitchen for the final installation. This is a great time to start packing up your kitchen to prepare for install!

PHASE 4 | Installation | 6 – 8 weeks

Are you completely remodeling your kitchen? Or are you doing minor updates? Are you replacing floors, removing existing cabinets, moving plumbing, and replacing sheetrock? This time frame depends on the scope and the amount of demo needed to create your luxury kitchen.

Here is the step-by-step breakdown of the installation process:

Once the final payment is collected and photographs are taken – you are ready to enjoy your brand-new luxury kitchen!