Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Trends

As one of the most sought after luxury kitchen designers and remodelers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we have compiled a list of the latest trends in luxury kitchen remodeling.

Smart Kitchens

As technology gets smarter, so do the household luxury items. Examples include refrigerators that alert homeowners on inventory, motion detecting faucets, lighting controls, voice activated sound systems. Smart kitchen appliances are being implemented in the new technological development of modern, luxury kitchens.

Display Cabinets

A modern showcase of minimal, matching, and selective dishware is both functional and decorative. Remember, display cabinets are an art form. In the beginning of working together, let us know and we can put it into your design plans.

Spatially Sound Walk Ways

While this isn’t necessarily a new trend, we’re focusing on the importance of mobility in the kitchen. With everyone staying inside more frequently, older family members may visit needing to get around easily. Also, cooking from home feels way more luxurious with space to roam freely from the island to the fridge.

Gold Accent Pieces

Stainless steel was all the rage, and it’s still being used as a staple, traditional design. Another option is adding a touch of the luxurious accent of gold. By adding it to the light fixtures, drawer hardware, sink faucet, and general decor, you can bring in some warmth.

Concrete Countertops

For a more urban feel, homeowners are requesting more and more concrete countertops – making quartz countertops seem average in comparison. The strong, industrial, and muted tone of concrete creates a grounded, earthy atmosphere.

Dark Cabinet Covers

Bright and airy kitchens have been trending for quite some time now. Dark cabinet covers are coming to make a moody and luxurious shift for kitchen design. Paired with a lighter floor and kitchen island, the cabinets pair beautifully with the contrasting white or light neutrals.

Extremely Organized Pantry

The rave of the Netflix show, Get Organized, has everyone obsessing over the perfectly color coordinated, labeled, and food categorized fridge and pantry. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it truly adds to the functionality of your kitchen. And who doesn’t want to find the treats in the kitchen way faster and easier? We are 100% onboard with strategizing the layout of kitchen design.

Custom Steel Hoods

This kitchen trend is for the modern homeowner who wants a personality flare that brings back the homey nature of cooking and family togetherness. With the overdone stainless steel, commercial kitchen look, it’s a beautiful and innovative statement piece to make your kitchen special to you.

Ornate Lighting Fixtures

The simple sleek look of symmetrical lighting fixtures is being replaced with complicated, ornate, asymmetrical pieces that add character above your kitchen sink or island. Light fixtures make a huge difference with your kitchen’s aesthetics, and it can be a great way to start when we start a client design project.

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Ginger Paddack