Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Trends

As one of the most sought after luxury kitchen designers and remodelers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we have compiled a list of the latest trends in luxury kitchen remodeling.

Smart Kitchens

As technology gets smarter, so do the household luxury items. Examples include refrigerators that alert homeowners on inventory, motion detecting faucets, lighting controls, voice activated sound systems. Smart kitchen appliances are being implemented in the new technological development of modern, luxury kitchens.

Display Cabinets

A modern showcase of minimal, matching, and selective dishware is both functional and decorative. Remember, display cabinets are an art form. In the beginning of working together, let us know and we can put it into your design plans.

Spatially Sound Walk Ways

While this isn’t necessarily a new trend, we’re focusing on the importance of mobility in the kitchen. With everyone staying inside more frequently, older family members may visit needing to get around easily. Also, cooking from home feels way more luxurious with space to roam freely from the island to the fridge.

Gold Accent Pieces

Stainless steel was all the rage, and it’s still being used as a staple, traditional design. Another option is adding a touch of the luxurious accent of gold. By adding it to the light fixtures, drawer hardware, sink faucet, and general decor, you can bring in some warmth.

Concrete Countertops

For a more urban feel, homeowners are requesting more and more concrete countertops – making quartz countertops seem average in comparison. The strong, industrial, and muted tone of concrete creates a grounded, earthy atmosphere.

Dark Cabinet Covers

Bright and airy kitchens have been trending for quite some time now. Dark cabinet covers are coming to make a moody and luxurious shift for kitchen design. Paired with a lighter floor and kitchen island, the cabinets pair beautifully with the contrasting white or light neutrals.

Extremely Organized Pantry

The rave of the Netflix show, Get Organized, has everyone obsessing over the perfectly color coordinated, labeled, and food categorized fridge and pantry. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it truly adds to the functionality of your kitchen. And who doesn’t want to find the treats in the kitchen way faster and easier? We are 100% onboard with strategizing the layout of kitchen design.

Custom Steel Hoods

This kitchen trend is for the modern homeowner who wants a personality flare that brings back the homey nature of cooking and family togetherness. With the overdone stainless steel, commercial kitchen look, it’s a beautiful and innovative statement piece to make your kitchen special to you.

Ornate Lighting Fixtures

The simple sleek look of symmetrical lighting fixtures is being replaced with complicated, ornate, asymmetrical pieces that add character above your kitchen sink or island. Light fixtures make a huge difference with your kitchen’s aesthetics, and it can be a great way to start when we start a client design project.

Luxury Kitchen Remodel DFW

At The Kitchen Source, we believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. 

Are you thinking about a luxury kitchen remodel? Planning a remodel can seem like an overwhelming task. Therefore, we have created a detailed step-by-step guide of the luxury kitchen remodel process.

In the era of HGTV and home design shows, the media can easily mislead homebuyers where home remodel costs and timelines are concerned. In general, the whole process takes approximately 6 – 9 months depending on the materials, scope, and communication between parties.  

Below, we have separated each phase of the process with the corresponding “steps” and stages to set realistic expectations for your luxury kitchen remodel.

PHASE 1 | Setting A Budget | 3 – 6 weeks

Step #1 | Meet with a kitchen designer or stop by The Kitchen Source Showroom

Your luxury kitchen remodel process will start with your meeting with a kitchen designer. At The Kitchen Source, we offer in-house kitchen designers who are ready to assist you the moment you walk through the door. 

In this step, we want to get you inspired about your new luxury kitchen! Our kitchen designers will show you different cabinet lines, discuss the differences in door styles and finishes as well as show off some of our fantastic Sub-Zero Wolf appliances. The designer will talk with you about your home design style and begin to understand what you are looking for in your future kitchen. 

If you need a little bit of inspiration, check out Architectural Digest’s Kitchen Renovation Guide here.

Step #2 | Complimentary In-Home Consultation 

During this step, your kitchen designer will meet with you in your home to discuss the remodel space. You and your designer will discuss your plans while the designer offers their suggestions.

Here are some topics to consider:

The kitchen designer will discuss approximate price points on material and appliances options. 

Click here to see our full article on how to budget for a luxury kitchen remodel.

Step #3 | Kitchen Designer Presents Your Kitchen Estimate

In this step, you will meet with your kitchen designer to discuss the overall project budget. This is your opportunity to voice your opinions on cost, budget allocation, and provide feedback on your kitchen remodel price point. Once you agree to remove forward, the kitchen designer will collect a design retainer and you will sign a contract to proceed.

PHASE 2 | The Design Process | 6 weeks – 2 months

This is the exciting part! You and your kitchen designer will start designing your new luxury kitchen. From baked-on cabinet finishes to elegant marble countertops to fun backsplash patterns to unique door hardware – this is the phase where your dreams start to become a reality.

Step #1 | Kitchen Design Team Measures Floor Plan 

At this point, your kitchen design team will visit your home again to measure the space, take elevations, and draw up the floor plan (take walls out, move around cabinets). 

The design team will then provide this information to the construction manager who will also measure the space. The construction team will then provide a labor bid and feedback on the project to the kitchen designer. 

Click here to find out more about the approximate cost of labor for a luxury kitchen remodel.

Step #2 | Designer Designs Your Kitchen Layout 

This step is exactly as it says. Your kitchen designer will use the measurements, suggestions, and your design style to bring your new kitchen to life with a design. 

Step #3 | The Kitchen Proposal

Here, your designer will present you with your kitchen proposal. They will provide you with the kitchen layout and a “scope of work” which is everything the design team plans on doing during this process (moving plumbing, demoing the walls, adding lighting, etc.). 

Your kitchen designer will gather information on pricing out materials, countertops, backsplashes, floors, and finishes. You will also be provided with an approximate labor bid. 

Here is your opportunity to approve or make changes as you see fit. 

Step #4 | Sign Kitchen Design Contract

Once you approve the kitchen proposal, your designer will provide you a contract price to move forward with the final step. 

PHASE 3 | Order Raw Materials | 8 – 12 weeks until installation

Your kitchen designer will place the order for raw materials at this phase. This time depends on the type of materials and cabinets you ordered as well as the scope of work. 

During this time, you will be preparing your kitchen for the final installation. This is a great time to start packing up your kitchen to prepare for install!

PHASE 4 | Installation | 6 – 8 weeks

Are you completely remodeling your kitchen? Or are you doing minor updates? Are you replacing floors, removing existing cabinets, moving plumbing, and replacing sheetrock? This time frame depends on the scope and the amount of demo needed to create your luxury kitchen.

Here is the step-by-step breakdown of the installation process:

Once the final payment is collected and photographs are taken – you are ready to enjoy your brand-new luxury kitchen!


Luxury Kitchen Remodel Dallas

There is nothing quite like stepping into a beautifully designed kitchen. Sleek surfaces. Professional grade appliances. Handcrafted made-to-order custom cabinets. Exquisite fixtures, lighting, and hardware selections. 

Kitchen remodels can be stressful, especially when you are dealing with color schemes, plumbing, millions of hardware options, and even more appliance features. It is always imperative to work with a skilled professional who has extensive experience in the kitchen remodeling world.

One of the first questions any professional remodeling service will ask is – What is your budget? 

On average, a luxury kitchen remodel in the Dallas area will cost approximately $85,000 – $200,000.

Below, we have broken down the approximate costs of a Dallas Fort Worth kitchen remodel by Appliances, Cabinets, Remodel Labor, Materials, and Additional Costs. The total expense will depend on the size of the space, the quality of the materials, and whether you want to change the layout of the room or keep the existing footprint. The material selection process is a balance of wants vs. needs and that and added benefit of working with TKS is having thousands of resources at their fingertips to help you stay within budget.


Let’s talk about professional grade appliances! As a dealer for Sub-Zero and Miele Appliances, The Kitchen Source has access to the top-of-the-line products as well as an insight on luxury appliance trends. When talking about “true luxury” in the kitchen, we always incorporate integrated appliance panels which match your cabinets – otherwise known as “built-ins”.

2022 Trending Items: Currently, for the average size kitchen, the Sub-Zero Classic Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer is a “must-have”. For larger kitchens, our team recommends the 36’’ Classic Refrigerator and 36’’ Freezer.

Standard Kitchen Appliance Packages for an average-size Dallas kitchen range from $20,000 -$35,000.

Standard packages typically include options for the following: refrigerator, range, double ovens, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, etc. Nevertheless, if you have a HUGE kitchen that you are looking to add the top-of-the-line products to, the price for appliances can be upwards of $70,000. 

Break down estimates:


At The Kitchen Source, hand crafted made-to-order custom cabinets are our passion. Solid wood doors, gliding soft-close drawers, velvety smooth finishes, and custom features are all essential to a luxury kitchen aesthetic. 

Approximate cabinet costs:

Overall, for a luxury Dallas kitchen cabinet, the cost is approximately $45,000 to $70,000.


Do you like the current layout of your kitchen? Are you simply wanting to upgrade and update your kitchen’s “look”? The labor cost would be approximately $20,000 for minor upgrades. 

Are you looking to completely remodel your kitchen layout (move walls, replace plumbing, and add gas)? Do you want to create a completely new and refreshed room? The labor cost would be approximately $100,000.

On average, the cost for labor during a kitchen remodel is approximately $40,000.

MATERIALS (Floors, Lighting, Plumbing, Countertops, Hardware)

FLOORING: Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room – of course, this concept applies to the kitchen, as well! In 2019, moving into 2022, our team has seen wood floors as a popular trend. 

Approximate costs for flooring:

BACKSPLASH: We love backsplashes because of the personality they can bring to a kitchen. Our favorite backsplash options are from Ann Sacks and Walker Zanger

Approximate costs for backsplash depending on size/quality of material:

COUNTERTOPS:An essential component to the overall kitchen design is the countertop. It is where the action takes place! Countertops set the foundation for kitchen decor and set the tone for the overall space. The waterfall edges, the options of honed vs. polished, veining – when you start researching options there is a lot of opportunity to be creative with your countertops.

2022 Countertop Trends: Our team has seen a lot of quartz and quartzite (natural stone) over the past few years, but the current trend for 2022 is porcelain countertops (Dekton and Neolith).

Approximate costs for countertops depending on size/quality of material:

Plumbing, hardware, and lighting approximate costs: $6,000. 

Materials total: $30,000


As any home design service, there are additional costs such as taxes, freight fees, delivery, design support and project management. These costs average approximate 15% of the overall design project cost. 

Approximate additional costs: $12,000 to $20,000. 

Overall kitchen estimate breakdown

Overall Approximate Kitchen Renovation Cost: $147,000 to $200,000

As we said before, a luxury kitchen remodel can be a demanding process; therefore, our team has tried to simplify this process by offering a turnkey luxury kitchen design service. We determine your style, design preferences, and lifestyle needs in order to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Our average timeline for a Kitchen Source remodel project is approximately 10 to 12 weeks. 

Click here to find out more about our overall design process, and contact us to start the first step of your Dallas luxury kitchen remodel.